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Career Opportunities for Electronics and Communication Students



Electronics and Communications engineers are at the foundation of all electronic devices- your Smartphone, laptop, e-reader, LED lights, from portable music players to global positioning systems (GPS), or even your car. Electronic systems are at the heart of the new industrial revolution and play a vital role that affects nearly every aspect of our modern daily lives.


Electronics and Communications engineers create technologies that connect the world and help make our lives better. Following are a few notable areas where ECE aspirants can build their careers, to name few-


  • Telecommunication
  • VLSI design
  • Embedded systems
  • Robotics
  • Television Industry
  • Research & Development
  • Control and Instrumentation systems
  • Hardware Manufacturing
  • Power sector
  • Software Engineering/IT
  • Government organizations like BSNL, Civil Aviation, AIR, Railways, Bharat Electronics Limited, DRDO and many
  • All other areas based on advanced electronic


These systems require professional electronic engineers for their design, development, commission, service and management. If being part of an exciting profession that investigate solutions to virtually every problem encountered today appeals to you, then you are invited to consider Electronic Engineering for your career choice.


The desirable of all, a job in the chip industry is an ultimate to the career. With ECE as your subject, only you have the chance to grab this post. So, what do you do after getting the job? The answer is, you will be working for the finest of the finest companies, like Intel, IBM, Apple, etc. That’s a tremendous feel to say the least. And you will be getting paid with a 7 figure income, coupled with various amenities.


Another highly positive career prospect is “Nano technology”. Electronic gadgets are becoming small in size every year, but very powerful in the performance. And this would only happen with nano technology. Getting placed in these companies is a dream comes true indeed.


Robotics, another larger than life field for the ECE students. Due to the advent of robots in many fields, it is mandatory to hire an electronic engineer to develop or maintain the robot.


There are numerous other electronic jobs which can pay you with huge paychecks. By studying ECE, you can be sure that you will land into one of the finest companies in the world with a huge salary package.