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Institutional Distinctiveness

Indore Institute of Management and Research envisions an all-inclusive growth of students along with their holistic development. Our core focal areas have always been creating an academically strong community of managers and entrepreneurs with high Intelligence- Emotional-Social-Happiness Quotient. Towards this objective, IIMR introduced the concept of “Samagra Samutkarsh Yojana” (SSY), which aims at a judicious mix of academics and skill enhancement, while developing a socially responsible and self-aware individual. We believe that a balanced approach of an individual towards the outer world while taking care of oneself will contribute towards a tranquil, blissful, and harmonious society.

The entire concept of SSY is a combination of Academic Assistance, Financial assistance, Student Connect and support, societal responsibilities, and developing emotional and happiness quotient.

Various steps in SSY focus on following core areas of enhancing an individual-

  1. Ready Professional for Industry 4.2- In order to enhance the Employability Quotient of the students, IIMR has a dedicated system to deliver Skill Improvement Groups/Special interest Groups (SIGs) to the students that keeps them abreast with the recent and upcoming trends of the industry 4.2/5.0, while enhancing their core competencies. We also provide necessary inputs and skills to conceptualize real time problems and to come out with solutions based on their innovative ideas and out of the box thinking. IIMR has been constantly motivating them to complete both national and international certification courses in their respective fields. We also aim to enter into tie-ups with various prestigious institutions. A dedicated Career Development Cell (CDC) has been working tirelessly to enhance English and Numerical Ability of the students. Whilst all these efforts, we are steadfast with our academic deliverance and maintain high standards, as we combine content, pedagogy and technology in our teaching learning process.


  1. Emphasis on Communication with peers and others- Students are being trained on effective communication. These sessions are well-designed to enable students to maintain a professional decorum and quality of content while communicating with their peers as well as their professional contacts.
  2. Physical Health and Sports – Along with verbal and cerebral ability, equal emphasis is laid on the physical fitness of the students. Dedicated indoor and outdoor sports infrastructure has been developed in the campus that facilitates the same. Sports like Basketball, football, Cricket, Tennis, Carrom, Chess, Table tennis etc are a regular practice in the campus. With an extension to the same, Pickleball has been a new add to the list of sports in the campus. Also, the campus promotes walking, cycling, jogging, yoga etc in the campus, which is a regular practice for the hostellers.
  3. Connect with Nature- A sign of a healthy mind and soul completes with their connection to the soil and nature. In this direction, the Institute initiated the “Green Waves Movement” in the year 2018-2019, which is now taken a shape of habit amongst the students, staff, and faculties. Under this initiative our focal areas were– promoting agroforestry, saying “No” to plastic, promoting bio-diversity, organic farming, and water harvesting and water management. Now we extended this movement as a “Green Policy” that serves as our roadmap, which further focuses on tree plantation, restricted vehicle entry, shared transportation, plastic free zone, no-alcohol /tobacco campus, saving electricity, water conservation, and organic farming has sensitized students, staff and faculties to respect and nurture the nature that they live in.
  4. Social Connect and Responsibilities – IIMR has a dedicated NSS Unit wherein the students visit the nearby villages and the segments of society in need, which helps them to connect with society and deliver their responsibilities. The institute has adopted the village “Moklai” where various outreach and awareness camps and activities are organized on a regular basis.
  5. Student Forum, Professional Societies, and Clubs- IIMR has 19 clubs that help to provide a platform for the students to hone their intrinsic skills and hobbies. A number of activities are organized under these clubs viz. Mock Parliament, Debate Competitions, Music Competitions, etc. A dedicated club- Samagra Samutkarsh Club- aims at preparing students for IAS and other prestigious government job opportunities.
  6. Encourage students to come out of their comfort zones- These activities over the years have helped our students to come out of their comfort zones. Interactive sessions with the Director General of the institute on areas of stress management, life skills and emphasis to do hard work, sports, facing challenges, have widened their thought process to manage their inner as well as the outer world. Also, a dedicated Syndicate system works arduously towards the same, wherein a group of students is allotted a mentor who keeps a close personal and academic connection with the students. The evidence can be seen in their improved confidence. Also, the increased number of placements over the years and employers has been commendable.
  7. Merit-based fee structure and Financial Assistance – With our Merit-based fee policy, IIMR has seen an increase in the number of admissions in the last five years. The student intake profile has improved over the years. Also, under our Institutional Financial Assistance initiatives, students who lost their single-earning parents to Covid19 were facilitated with a full tuition fee waiver, for an unhindered education continuance.
  8. Encouragement for Start-ups & Entrepreneurial ventures – To enhance the entrepreneurial skills and the passion of start-ups amongst the students, IIMR has earmarked Rs. 10Lakhs towards the same.
  9. Know thyself & be thyself willing to evolve- As a part of making students aware of their innate abilities and channelizing the same in the correct direction, the institute has been conducting sessions, workshops, and activities focusing on the following key areas-
    1. Limited Identity v/s wider Identity
    2. Emphasis on Enhancing Perception
    3. Theory of Non-Attachment and role of Awareness
    4. One is the creator of his/her destiny
    5. Optimum Utilization of Energy
    6. Power of Thought and Visualization
    7. Power of Words
    8. Managing stress/failures/distraction
    9. Living in Present
    10. Meditation and its impact