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Syndicate System

Building the habit of excellence in every student!

The institute drives on the vision of building bright future for students by making them hard-workers in pursuit of developing excellence. Mentors have to transform the life of their mentees by BELIEVING in the Institutes’ vision and capacity of students. Students are assigned faculty member who will act as their mentor throughout their stay in the institute. The role of the mentor is to provide handholding support and advice not only on academic matters, but also on any personal difficulties.

Major of the Teachers are involved in the process of mentoring. Every syndicate is allotted with about 15-35 students to take care of them depending upon the programme and division. Every syndicate prepares a list of all the students allotted to him / her with details of Name, Class, Division, Roll Number, Contact Number and E Mail Id. The syndicate has a chalked-out responsibilities to take care of all the mentees such as to provide them career counseling, to provide them personal counseling, to support them for any kind of difficulty in their curriculum, to make provision of remedial coaching for them and to always support them as and when required.

The syndicate also works for finding out hidden talent of the students in various aspects of academic, co – curricular, extra – curricular and extra mural activities so that they can be promoted to do various activities in the concerned area for their holistic development. The syndicate also contacts and meets the parents of his / her mentees to discuss their progress and / or any other matter, as and when required.

  1. To conduct various activities for overall development of students for holistic development to enhance their employability quotient.
  2. To generate a success path for individual students by chalking out various activities.
  3. To counsel students on a variety of parameters that may include any problem which they might be facing with regards to academics, professional and personal.
  4. To reinforce the classroom training in EDP such as communicating in English, proper body language to be used in college premises, dressing etiquettes, domain knowledge etc.
  5. The crux of the syndicate is to groom students regularly by meeting them, monitoring their progress and providing feedback for improvement.
  6. To give them as much exposure as possible so as to hone and develop managerial skills.
  7. Syndicate In-charge maintainsstudent’s Attendance record. And ensure that student’s attendance is at par as per university guidelines and norms.
  8. Discuss student’s growth areas, their strength/weakness, Clubs, SIG and motivate them to participate in various events. Syndicate in-charges also help students to set academic targets.
  9. Prepare report card of students after every Mid-semester examination and see that parents are well informed.
  1. Help identify career paths for students and support students’ personal growth.