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Name of Degree Awarded Duration Eligibility Criteria Total Seats
BBA (Foreign Trade) 3 Years 10+2 in any stream from a Recognized Board 60

About the Programme

BBA (FT) programme offers an understanding about the fundamentals of foreign trade. The course prepares students with the concepts and processes involved in operation of foreign trade and its governing forces with present times. The course imparts knowledge about Global Business Environment, Foreign Trade Policy of India, Export Procedure and Documentation, Import Management, International Finance, Global Marketing etc. In addition, it also provides a comprehensive knowledge of international trade bodies/multilateral agencies and their role/scope in foreign trade. It aims to create successful and competent business professionals and entrepreneurs in the field of foreign trade.

Our Offerings

Students are exposed to practical learning through industry visits, port visits, institute industry interface in terms of workshops and seminars by banks, export/import firms, related government departments, summer internships, certificate programmes etc. Classroom sessions are designed in a way that would help students in understanding the concepts of the discipline and their application. We provide a good mix of theoretical knowledge as well as application of the concepts.  A Major Research project on any area of Foreign Trade has to be undertaken by a student on a topic approved by the Institute under the guidance of a faculty member.

PEO1: Graduates will gain knowledge of critical functions of business and demonstrate application of knowledge in the field of foreign trade across a wide spectrum of industries.


PEO2: Graduates will be able to identify, analyze, design and create business opportunities in a rapidly changing global business environment.


PEO3: Graduates will develop the ability to integrate their learning, linking academic knowledge, curricular and co-curricular activities for holistic development.


PEO4: Graduates will develop Leadership skills, Team work and demonstrate ethical behaviour in Business and Society.

PSO1: Develop an awareness and understanding of the global context in which business operates.


PSO2: Students will demonstrate competency in the underlying concepts of Foreign trade policy, procedure and documentation, Logistics Management, Global Marketing & Research.


PSO3: Students will apply skills essential to successfully manage and lead businesses across the globe.


PO1: Acquire the basic knowledge of International business and management fundamentals in their domain area.

PO2: Integrate all the areas of business activity in a quest to develop the most reliable strategies that successfully achieve the objectives of a company in an international environment.

PO3: Apply the advanced tools and strategies to enhance the export and import operations in the business.

PO4: Ability to create, select and apply appropriate analytical tools, techniques and methods in the modern management activities and use in managerial decision making.

PO5: Communicate effectively in different business contexts and situations so as to be able to receive and give clear instructions, comprehend, write reports, prepare documentation and make effective presentations.

PO6: Design and develop conceptual knowledge by usage of contemporary research tools for effective performance and recognize the need for self-motivation to engage in lifelong learning.

PO7: Demonstrate critical thinking skills in understanding managerial issues and problems related to the global economy.

PO8: Follow the professional, ethical practices by applying contextual knowledge to assess societal and legal issues by creating new ideas, products and services for developing national economy.


Course:  BFT-101 English

Course Outcomes (COs):

CO1: To develop the English proficiency among the students.

CO2: To develop communication and inter personal skills of students.

CO3: To thrive an insight to English literature.

CO4: To imbibe the understanding of English Grammar and usage of English in day to day lives.

Course: BFT-102 Basic Mathematics & Statistics

Course Outcomes (COs):

CO1: To provide students with knowledge and capability in formulation and analysis of mathematical models of real life applications.

CO2: To Choose appropriate mathematics and statistical methods and apply them in various data analysis problems.

CO3: To develop analytical techniques to solve problems.

CO4: To develop computational skills appropriate for mathematician to use when solving problem.

Course: BFT-103 Business Laws

Course Outcomes (COs):

CO1: Awareness of important business and economic laws and their impact on business in India.

CO2: Identify the fundamental legal principles behind contractual agreements.

CO3: Identify and discuss the legal implications of business decisions.

CO4: Application of legal theory to determine the legal issues in assigned cases.

Course: BFT-104 Global Business Communication & Public Relation

Course Outcomes (COs):

CO1: To gain an understanding with the terms used in export and import business.

CO2: To develop competence and expertise in writing global business letters.

CO3: To understand the various aspects of foreign trade while writing effectively.

CO4: To enhance inter-personal skills for building strong trade relations.

Course: BFT-105 Introduction to Computers

Course Outcomes (COs):

CO1: Basic understanding of Computer fundamentals

CO2: Knowledge about Basic Computer peripherals and hardware systems

CO3: Awareness of Computer Number system and other applications of MS-Office in business

CO4: Basic Computer knowledge for working in a Business environment.

Course: BFT-106 Principles of Business Administration

Course Outcomes (COs):

CO1: Understanding of the basic concepts of management and functions and responsibilities of the manager in the export-import business.

CO2: Learn about the tools and techniques of planning and organizational structure.

CO3: Understanding of traits, dimensions, and styles of effective leaders and importance of employee motivation and staffing in an organization.

CO4: Learn about different types of control means in a business setting and why it is needed.



Course: BFT-201 Principles of Marketing

Course Outcomes (COs):

CO1: Understanding the basics of Marketing Fundamentals.

CO2: Application of marketing concepts into business.

CO3: Contributes in Developing Reasoning and Analytical ability to foster Decision Making.

CO4: Nurturing Marketing Skills and building Domain knowledge.

Course: BFT-202 Global Business Environment

Course Outcomes (COs):

CO1: To show how international business is affected by the different types of environments (i.e. economic, political, social, cultural, financial, technological) in which it operates on micro and macro level.

CO2: To analyze trends and changes in the current global business environment and debate the impact of globalization on businesses particularly on business planning and marketing strategies.

CO3: To introduce students to the concept of euro currency, Balance of Payments and Transfer of Technology.

CO4: To discuss the relevance of international institutions, governments and nongovernmental organizations to international business; and to analyze multinational firms‟ responses to threats and opportunities in the global business environment.

Course: BFT-203 International Trade Theory

Course Outcomes (COs):

CO1: Acquaintance with the basic concepts and terminologies of foreign trade

CO2: Develop the economic perspective with foreign trade knowledge.

CO3: Understanding the role and functions of foreign exchange and its related Institutions.

CO4: Assisting in learning the various effects of exchange fluctuations and control.

Course: BFT-204 Economic & Commercial Geography

Course Outcomes (COs):

CO1: Students will able to know about major International Trade Routes.

CO2: Students will able to understand the geographic advantages of countries in international trade.

CO3: Students will be able to understand the economy of different countries.

CO4: Students will be able to know about trade relations between countries.

Course: BFT-205 Financial Accounting

Course Outcomes (COs):

CO1: To acquaint student with the basic accounting concepts.

CO2: To impart effective methodology to record business operation of an entity.

CO3: Demonstrate critical thinking skill to analyze financial statements of an enterprise.

CO4: Develop the ability to communicate accounting data of corporate sector effectively.

Course: BFT-206 Foreign Language

Course Outcomes (COs):

CO1: Enable student to understand the Culture, History Uses of foreign Language.

CO2: Create ability in student to convert the English communication into Foreign Language.

CO3: Enhance & enrich students to apply their knowledge in writing reading and communicate verbally in Foreign Language.

CO4: Enable student to negotiate with a foreign Exporter & Importer.


Course: BFT-301 Export – Import Policy and Authorities

Course Outcomes (COs):

CO1: Describe various terminologies related to foreign trade.

CO2: Comprehend the foreign trade policy.

CO3: Understand the role of key government organizations like Customs and Excise, RBI, etc. in facilitating export transactions.

CO4: Examine the foreign trade policy framework to best utilize the opportunities available to organizations.

Course: BFT-302 Import Management

Course Outcomes (COs):

CO1: Thorough understanding of intricacies of import procedural formalities and documentary requirements for conducting import trade.

CO2: Gain knowledge about cost incurred in importing and its fullest exploitation to gain maximum profit.

CO3: Enable participants to develop knowledge and skills needed in choice of transport and marine insurance.

CO4: Identification and development of alternative procurement channels to make import procuring an easy and profitable process.

Course: BFT-303 Export Procedure & Documentation

Course Outcomes (COs):

CO1: To study the export procedure and formalities in India.

CO2: To understand the foreign trade policy of India.

CO3: To study the need and significance of export documentation in India.

CO4: To examine the various export related documents required at the time of export.


Course: BFT-304 Export Finance

Course Outcomes (COs):

CO1: Define key terminology related to export finance.

CO2: Illustrate the applicability of financing for specific business or transactions.

CO3: Identify and understand all the key elements of a pre-shipment and post-shipment finance.

CO4: Identify the problems related to export finance.

Course: BFT-305 Import Finance

Course Outcomes (COs):

CO1: To Comply with Trade and Exchange regulations relating to Imports.

CO2: To Know the procedure for getting LOC (letter of credit) open for imports.

CO3: Knowledge of short and medium term finance and finance by government agencies.

CO4: To recognize the sources of financing imports.

Course: BFT-306 Foreign Trade Information System

Course Outcomes (COs):

CO1: To understand the applications of management information system in Business operations.

CO2: To understand the applications of MIS in import‐export Business.

CO3: To study the planning, designing and implementation process of Management Information System.

CO4: To understand the role of Decision Support System in Managerial Decision Making.



Course: BFT-401 Quality Control, TQM, and ISO

Course Outcomes (COs):

CO1: Students will be able to implement the basic principles of TQM in manufacturing and service based organization with context of Export and Import.

CO2: Identify the key aspects of the quality of export goods with appropriate tools and techniques for controlling, improving and measuring quality.

CO3: Understand Legal provisions of Quality Control and Inspection Act, 1963.

CO4: Will be able to evaluate the need of quality in terms of ISO 9000.

Course: BFT-402 Management of Risks & Settlement of Claims in Foreign Trade

Course Outcomes (COs):

CO1: Enable student to understand the Global Business risk involved in Global Economy and apply the management ability to manage those risks.

CO2: Understand the role of Insurance and Insurance Agencies Scheme to handle the risks in Global Business.

CO3: Enhance the student with various types of risks that can be controlled & diversified along with the risks which are non-diversifiable

CO4: Enrich the Students to deal with the Claim settlement procedure & Methods of losses occurred due to risks.

Course: BFT-403 Global Business Laws and Taxation

Course Outcomes (COs):

CO1: To demonstrate an understanding of the Legal Environment in which the export and import business function.

CO2: To identify laws, conditions and regulations that impact business in national and international work environments.

CO3: To understand various modes of dispute resolution in business transactions.

CO4: Identify and discuss the legal implications of business decisions and application of basic legal knowledge to business transactions.

Course: BFT-404 Packaging and Distribution Channels

Course Outcomes (COs):

CO1: Develop an understanding of the techniques of export packaging.

CO2: Understand the selection method of marking and labeling.

CO3: Develop unique export distribution channels.

CO4: Understand the dynamics of marketing in national and international business.

Course:  BFT-405 Transportation and Material Handling in Foreign Trade

Course Outcomes (COs):

CO1: Compare different modes of transportation based on cost vs benefit.

CO2: Identify shipping operations and the essential documentary requirement.

CO3: Comprehend the concept of Cargo handling and Containerization.

CO4: Explain the basic concept of Warehousing and its types along with the concept and principles of Material Handling.

Course: BFT-406 Computer Application to Foreign Trade  

Course Outcomes (COs):

CO1: Understand the concept of Computer Application functioning of an export house.

CO2: Understand the role of IT & functioning of Office Automation Equipment.

CO3: To gain knowledge about Application software which is used in Export-Import Software.

CO4: Get the knowledge about Multimedia Application and Electronic transfer system and also understand to solve case studies in role of IT in Foreign Trade.



Course: BFT-501 Advertising and Sales Promotion in Foreign Trade

Course Outcomes (COs):

CO1: Analyze the expanding global environment of media and communication techniques.

CO2: Examine the importance of global market segmentation, position and action objectives to the development of an advertising and promotion program.

CO3: Understand the Development of creative strategies for global advertising, Plan media strategy, scheduling, and vehicle selection.

CO4: Assess strategic uses of sales promotions with respect to global environment.

Course: BFT-502 State Trading in India

Course Outcomes (COs):

CO1: Critically understand the concept of state trading and its benefits, functions and Roles.

CO2: Understand the role of state trading in import and export in Indian economy.

CO3: Understand the various types of state trading organization and their contribution in import and export in Indian economy.

CO4: Analyze the various problems and future challenges as well as opportunities associated with state trading in India.

Course: Thrust Product and Thrust Markets

Course Outcomes (COs):

CO1: Understand the business potential of thrust product from export, economic growth and foreign revenue generation point of view.

CO2: Able to apply knowledge for market selection, strategy development and effective business presentation.

CO3: Develop technical and non-technical ability for effective decision making, data analysis and promotion of thrust products in international market.

CO4: Analyze the basic requirements for enhancing export of thrust products across the globe.

Course: BFT-504 Global Market Research & Demand Forecasting

Course Outcomes (COs):

CO1: Differentiate domestic market research and global market research.

CO2: Critically analyze market research methods and explain qualitative and quantitative Market Research.

CO3: Identify the sources and use of secondary data in assessing the international marketing opportunities and analyze the data to resolve marketing issues.

CO4: Discuss about statistical methods of demand forecasting and increase knowledge and skills to help in developing international market entry strategies.

Course: BFT-505 Computer Applications to Foreign Trade – II

Course Outcomes (COs):

CO1: Understanding use of e-commerce in import export

CO2: Understand the use of information systems in foreign trade

CO3: To understand different types of computers

CO4: To understand the import export supply chain management.

Course: BFT-506 World Trade Organization

Course Outcomes (COs):

CO1: Basic understanding of WTO.

CO2: Knowledge about basic concepts of WTO norms, structure and treatments.

CO3: Preparing students to understand general WTO Principles for better trade with all nations like TRIPS, TRIMS.

CO4: Developing concept on effect of WTO on specific sectors trade and also on India.



Course: BFT-601 Export Incentives & Institutional Support

Course Outcomes (COs):

CO1: Describe the need and importance of export incentives in India.

CO2: Explain various incentives provided by Government for the expansion of production base for export and strengthening export marketing effort.

CO3: Discuss the importance of the institutional infrastructure for export promotion and role of government policy making and. consultative body in the export promotion

CO4: Explain the role of various export promotion councils, commodity organizations, service institutions and other advisory bodies engaged in export promotion.

Course: BFT-602 New Techniques in Multinational Marketing

Course Outcomes (COs):

CO1: To provide detailed information about the development of new techniques of foreign trade in the light of ongoing changes in the world economy.

CO2: To provide understanding of theories and conceptual frameworks that explain why and how firms internationalize.

CO3: To Apply the conceptual frameworks learned in this course in a real-life experiential learning project that comprises an analyses of international economic, institutional and market environments

CO4: To familiar with the nature and practices of international marketing and its dynamism from the domestic marketing models and approaches.

Course: BFT-603 Foreign Exchange and Exchange Control

Course Outcomes (COs):

CO1: To explain the role of foreign exchange in setting international transactions.

CO2: To make students aware of the changes in exchange rate and regulation of risks involved.

CO3: Develop an understanding of exchange control system in management of foreign operations.

CO4: Evaluate cross-border investment opportunities in terms of devaluation of rupee.

Course: BFT-604 Foreign Collaboration & Multinationals

Course Outcomes (COs):

CO1: To study about the role of foreign collaborators like Multinationals in India.

CO2: To understand about the contribution of foreign collaborators like Multinationals in India.

CO3: To examine and study about the joint ventures and foreign investors in India’s foreign trade during recent years.

CO4: To study about India’s foreign trade overall in terms of exports and imports.

Course: BFT-605 Export Pricing & Product Planning

Course Outcomes (COs):

CO1: To understand the factors of pricing decisions & methods of pricing.

CO2: To develop the conceptual clarity about pricing of exports through different pricing strategies.

CO3: Developing the conceptual understanding of product planning.

CO4: To develop the skills to learn the concepts of marketing & packaging in business.

Course: Project Report

Course Outcomes (COs):

CO1: Apply the research knowledge and research process to meet research objectives.

CO2: Develop data collection instrument according to the underlying theoretical framework.

CO3: Develop strong analytical and interpretation skill.

CO4: Write research report as per the standard format.


*As Per New Education Policy (NEP-2020)  

Course: MAJBFT-101 Principles of Business Administration

Course Outcomes (COs):

CO1: To understand the basic concepts of management and various schools of thought

CO2: to gain an overview of major issues confronting Managers in the export import business

CO3: to understand the structuring of an organization suitable for an export import business.

CO4: to be able to understand optimal utilization of resources to attain organizational objectives.

Course: MAJBFT-102 Global Business Environment & Communication

Course Outcomes (COs):

CO1: To show how international business is affected by the different types of environments (i.e. economic, political, social, cultural, financial, technological) in which it operates on micro and macro level.

CO2: To introduce students to the concept of multinational corporations, euro currency, Balance of Payments and Transfer of Technology.

CO3: To gain an understanding with the terms used in export and import business.

CO4: To develop competence and expertise in writing global business letters.

Course: MINBFT-103 Basic Mathematics & Statistics 

Course Outcomes (COs):

CO1: Describe and discuss the key terminology, concepts of statistics its scope and limitations.

CO2: Understand statistical concepts such as statistical collection, species characteristics, statistical series, tabular and graphical representation of data.

CO3: Able to calculate measure of central tendency mean, median , mode, harmonic mean and geometric mean ,measure of variation – standard deviation, mean deviation and skewness, time series analysis.

CO4: Able to understand statistical concepts to include correlation analysis, Karl Pearson’s coefficient of correlation, Spearman’s – rank correlation, regression, lines of regression, Index Number.

Course: ELECBBAFTR-001 Business Law

Course Outcomes (COs):

CO1: Identify the fundamental legal principles behind contractual agreement.

CO2: Able to understand basic knowledge of the important business legislation along with relevant case law.

CO3: Help to understand the knowledge of the legal environment & principles in which a consumer & business operates.

CO4: Help student to bind maintain legally enforceable relations and conduct business and non- business transactions.

Course: VOCBBAFTR-001 International Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Course Outcomes (COs):

CO1: This course will expose students to the challenges involved in managing logistics and supply chains.

CO2: Students will able to know about major International Trade Routes and will able to understand the geographic advantages of countries in international trade.

CO3: The subject focuses on relatively long term decisions involving the investment in productive resources, configuration of processes, product designs, and development of partnerships with suppliers and channels of distribution.

CO4: This course will enhanced student’s ability to use analytical tools and conceptual frameworks to make decisions in supply chain contexts as well as a better understanding of the major strategic issues and trade-offs that arise in supply chain management.

Course: X1-FCHB1T- English Language and Indian Culture  

Course Outcomes (COs):

CO1: Prepare for various competitive exams by developing their English language competence.

CO2: Promote their comprehension skills by being exposed to a variety of texts and their interpretations.

CO3: Build and enhance their vocabulary.

CO4: Develop their communication skills by strengthening grammar and usages.

CO5: Inculcate values which make them aware of national heritage and environmental issues, making them responsible citizens.

Course: X1-FCAC1T- Environmental Education  

Course Outcomes (COs):

CO1: To understand various aspects of life forms, ecological processes, and the impacts on them by human during Anthropocene era.

CO2: To build capabilities to identify relevant environmental issues, analyze various underlying causes, evaluate the practices and policies, and develop framework to make informed decision.

CO3: To develop empathy for life forms, awareness and responsibility towards environmental protection and nature preservation.

CO4: To develop critical thinking for shaping strategies such as: scientific, social, economic, administrative and legal environmental protection, conservation of biodiversity, environmental equity and sustainable development.

CO5: To prepare for the competitive exams.

Course: X1-FCEA1T- Language and Culture

Course Outcomes (COs):

CO1: उत्कृष्ट साहित्यिक पाठों के अध्ययन से रूचि का विकास करना।

CO2: सांस्कृतिक चेतना और राष्ट्रीय भावना का विकास करना।

CO3: भाषा ज्ञान।

CO4: सामान्य शब्दावली और विशेष शबदावली के अध्ययन द्वारा भाषा एवं संस्कृति बोध का विकास करना।

CO5: विशिष्ट शब्दावली (बीज शब्द/की वर्ड ) से परिचित करवाते हुए बोध क स्टार को विकसित करना।

CO6: प्रतियोगी परिक्षाओं हेतु तैयार करना।

Course: A1-YOSC1F- Yoga and Meditation   

Course Outcomes (COs):

CO1: After studying this course, students will be able to take care of their own physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual health.


*As Per New Education Policy (NEP-2020)  


Course: MAJBFT-201 Export Import Procedure & Documentation  

Course Outcomes (COs):

CO1: To know the basics of Export and Import Procedures.

CO2: To learn the export and import documentation formalities in India

CO3: To understand the main features of foreign trade policy and the schemes there in for promoting exports from the country.

CO4: To understand the various institutional support provided by the government for simplifying and promoting exports.

Course: MAJBFT-202 Export & Import Finance  

Course Outcomes (COs):

CO1: Define key terminology related to export finance

CO2: Illustrate the applicability of financing for specific business or transactions.

CO3: Identify and understand all the key elements of a pre-shipment and post-shipment finance.

CO4: Identify the problems related to export finance.

Course: MINBFT-203 Financial Accounting  

Course Outcomes (COs):

CO1: To record the basic journal entries.

CO2: Memorize how to calculate depreciation by applying various methods.

CO3: Maintain the financial statements of the business entity.

CO4: Rectify errors in accounts.

Course: ELCBBAFTR-003 Foreign Language (French)  

Course Outcomes (COs):

CO1: Know about in-depth grammar for foreign language and place the accents and signs correctly.

CO2: Able to speak basic French with any francophone and be able to write some informal letters as well.

CO3: Able to pronounce the letters, vowels and consonants correctly.

CO4: Able to learn foreign language by following Listening, Speaking Reading Writing Pattern.

Course: VOCBBAFTR-006 E-Business & E-Commerce  

Course Outcomes (COs):

CO1: Demonstrate an understanding of the foundations and importance of E-Commerce

CO2: Analyze the impact of E-commerce on business models and strategy.

CO3: Use the knowledge of the major e-commerce revenue models to evaluate existing websites

CO4: Identify the key security threats in the E-commerce environment.

Course: X2-FCHB1T- English Language and Indian Culture  

Course Outcomes (COs):

CO1: Strengthen their grammar and vocabulary.

CO2: Acquire and develop Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing skills.

CO3: Learn to think creatively and critically.

Course: X2-FCAC1T- Entrepreneurship Development   

Course Outcomes (COs):

CO1: Understand basics of entrepreneurship and small business management.

CO2: Helps in building the skills, framework and knowledge of entrepreneurship and new venture creation.

CO3: Helps students in understanding the importance of the planning process and learn how to develop, write and present an effective business plans for a new venture.


Course: X2-FCEA1T- Language and Culture

Course Outcomes (COs):

CO1: भारतीय ज्ञान परंपरा से विद्यार्थियों को अवगत एवं लाभान्वित करना।

CO2: उत्कृष्ट साहित्यिक पाठों के अध्ययन से रूचि का विकास करना।

CO3: सांस्कृतिक चेतना और राष्ट्रीय भावना का विकास करना।

CO4: भाषा ज्ञान।

CO5: सामान्य शब्दावली और विशेष शबदावली के अध्ययन द्वारा भाषा एवं संस्कृति बोध का विकास


CO6: विशिष्ट शब्दावली (बीज शब्द/की वर्ड ) से परिचित करवाते हुए बोध क स्टार को विकसित


Course: Women Empowerment

Course Outcomes (COs):

CO1: Understand the history, concept and various dimensions of women empowerment in India.

CO2: Understand the constitutional provisions, laws and policies related to women empowerment.

CO3: Get knowledge of various issues, challenges and agencies supporting women  empowerment. With this, student will be able to get acquainted with the glory story of the powerful women leadership of India.

CO4: Present study related to women empowerment will provide employment opportunities to the students in government, private and non-government organizations.

Career Prospects

There is now a growing demand of personnel skilled in foreign trade. Completing a degree in this domain can open the doors for a series of career opportunities. After completing this course, Graduates may find positions in domestic or global companies in a variety of industries. They are eligible for jobs in Export firms, Logistics Companies, Dry Ports, Custom Clearing Houses, Quality Control Division, International Marketing, International Finance and Banking, Merchandisers, International Trade Regulatory Bodies, Export Promotion Councils, Buying Houses, State Trading Corporations, Shipping Companies, Marine Insurance etc. and one can even start his/her own export business. Job profiles will be Foreign Trade Analyst, Financial Analyst, Product Manager, International Marketer, Management Analyst/Consultant, Trade Specialist, Business Development Manager, Export Managers, and Brokers etc