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  • IIST – Giving the Most Trustworthy Engineers to the Industry

    Education, in essence, should hold the purpose of providing immersive learning, whereby knowledge and skills are etched out into the minds of the students. The growing importance of academic education and the competitive professional space has given rise to the demand for quality education that would give students an edge over the prospective industry after graduation. To that end, the role of education institutes becomes prominent in catering to the demands of the industry and producing candidates who are ready to take on the responsibilities of the industry.

    In general, education should bring to the fore the inherent potential of every student through formal instruction, training, and knowledge acquisition.When it comes to technical education, it should therefore, go beyond the scope of merely imparting academic knowledge by providing the learners with hands-on know-how and skills.

    Engineering colleges today play a significant role in preparing the aspiring engineers for the future by instilling in them the much needed professional skills and knowledge. And, in that sense, IIST – Indore Institute of Science and Technology remains a cornerstone for professional development and pedantic excellence. Indore Institute of Technology, as one of the premier educational institutions in the country, offers the basal foundation for aspiring engineering students to enhance their academic excellence and career prospects, and to develop in themthe right mix of employability skills and capabilities.

    Located in a plush serene campus, spanning around 50 acres of land, IIST ranksamong the Top 10 Engineering Colleges in MP. Established in the year 2003under the Shail Education and Welfare Society, IIST has ascended to a prominent position in the educational arena by ensuring a strong focus on quality education and holistic development of students that translates into career excellence.

    With the vision to provide the best technical education, IIST has designed a whole lot of engineering courses in diverse disciplines such as Mechanical, Electronics & Communication, Computer Science, Information Technology, Civil Engineering, and Chemical Engineering. There are also postgraduate courses available in major disciplines of Mechanical, Computer Science, and Electronics&Communication.

    Learning Pedagogy and Infrastructure

    IIST fosters a unique learning pedagogy that aims at developing the students not only academically but also fosters in them the vital interpersonal and professional skills. We focus on harnessing the uniquepotential of every student and help fine-tune their intellectual abilities in the best possible way to enable them to land successfully on their prospective career ahead.

    The engineering programs at IIST are custom designed to the current trends in the industry. State-of-the-art infrastructure with advanced facilities and modern labs make the IIST premises more conducive to learning. Ourinteractive technology-based ‘Flipped Classroom’ offers an Interactional Learning Methodology that benefits the students in acquiring complicated concepts easily. We constantly update our learning resources and pedagogy to meet the industry standards, such that quality education is ultimately delivered to students.

    Career Development

    IIST offers a career-focused learning environment that caters to the students’ professional development with high employability index in the future corporate world. We have a dedicated Career Development Centre (CDC) and Entrepreneurship & Career Advancement (PECA) Cell that boosts the creativity, innovation skills, and entrepreneurship skills in students to make them ready for the evolving industry.

    Apart from that, IIST also supports R&D through the Dedicated Research and Development Cell (RDC) that encourages students to unwind their creative mind for innovation. We promote high-quality research in emerging fields like IoT, iOS, AI, Robotics etc. We focus on getting our students well-trained for the modern industrial sector through internship programs, in-house trainings, and workshops that would aid to propel their career forward. IIST has taken a leap in imparting the students with career-oriented skills with high knowledge component so that the students are well-prepared for their career advancement.

    In a nutshell, IIST puts its students at a competitive advantage, by inculcating the right mix of knowledge and skills. With an education that is at par with the global standards, IIST is capable of generating competent engineers who are enabled to propel the industry with adept academic and industry-oriented engineering education.

    No doubt, IIST has been making a strong progression into the educational sphere by providing a laudable academic performance and thought-provoking learning environment that helps in the continual development of skills and abilities of its students. The institute has been ever since producing the most trustworthy engineers for the country and continues to do the same as its valuable contribution to the meet burgeoning industry demands.

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