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  • What Makes the IT Program at IIST the Best in its Class

    Information technology is a domain and a stream of studies that has made overwhelming progress over the last few decades, and the impact it has made on each and every aspect of our lives is undeniable. As far as the education domain is concerned, with its remarkable journey, IT has now become one of the major engineering streams that interest a lot of students with its application based learning techniques. The market at large also has responded well to this domain as most of the enterprises and business houses run the show on IT peripherals these days. Hence, pursuing an engineering degree in IT is an excellent choice as far as career prospects are concerned. However, just as much as the course is important, so is the educational institution you pursue your degree from. While there are many institutes that can hand over the engineering degree to you, there are only a few that can provide you the requisite knowledge and skills and succeed in the industry. This is exactly where the Indore Institute of Science and Technology stands tall as one of the premium institutions offering global standard, highly industry-centric engineering education in Information Technology. IIST, recognized among the Top 5 Engineering Colleges in MP, is an institution that runs its IT department on the ideas of exploration and innovation and has a track record of giving highly efficient engineers to the IT industry.

    The Practical-OrientedTeachings

    When it comes to a subject like IT, with the majority of its merit connected with the application based practices and experimental relevance, going by book-oriented knowledge falls short of the actual requirement. To learn the pros and cons of information technology, a student needs to deal with the problems and come up with the resolutions with individual efforts. We, at IIST, provide our students with the necessary infrastructural support and expert guidance to help them build confidence over the domain and learn every bit in a practical way supported by the high-end classroom teachings.

    The Contemporary Infrastructure

    For any institute to have an upgraded infrastructural facility in terms of its IT department, it is a mandate to have well-equipped laboratories within the premises. At IIST, the computer laboratories are of three varieties catering to the different requirements of varied set of applications. There is a dot net lab, an android lab, and a java lab that help the students build their expertise in the IT domain. The round the clock internet facility is another aspect of the high-end infrastructure available at IIST.

    Innovative and Industry-Centric Program Design

    The entire curriculum, spread over an extent of four years, comprises of eight semesters in total. With the opportunities to indulge in specialization in any of the streams of IT, our students receive market relevant knowledge of every sphere. Discussions with quiz, remedial classes, model demonstrations at laboratories, group projects, group discussions, asynchronous discussions, presentations, and the use of ICT tools are some of the activities that make IIST stand apart from the crowd making its own mark in the field of IT engineering.


    We make sure that every student at IIST receives personal attention from the faculty so that they can come up with their individual queries to get a grasp over the technical aspects of IT engineering. Unlike many other subjects, IT runs on the principles that need logical understanding, and our learned and expert group of mentors from esteemed institutes like NIT and IET makes sure that every student gets into the root of the subject. The candid environment and the easy to approach student-faculty relationship make learning interesting and fun at IIST.

    Wide Career Prospects

    The IT sector alone accounts for the majority of the job openings today. With the global standard knowledge imparted to the students at IIST, the opportunities to pursue a career in software development, information security, databases, researches, or management applications get immense impetus. Our past placement record stands as evidence of the remarkable success ratio of our students during the campus interviews.

    Away from the regular path of thinking, we, at IIST, try to kindle the light of curiosity in every ambitious mind to draw their attention to the basics of the IT applications along with the algorithms and analyses. Progressive learning has always been the key focus of our pedagogy and learning methods, and we make every effort to keep the faculty as well as the students updated with the latest developments of the IT world so that each of our pupils goes on to grab huge successes in their career life ahead.

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