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  • Dr. Rajendra Singh, “Waterman of India,” Imparts Insights on Water Conservation at IIST Group of Institutes

    The IIST Group of Institutes hosted a transformative dialogue on April 23, 2024, featuring Dr. Rajendra Singh, widely revered as the “Waterman of India.” Dr. Singh’s profound expertise in water conservation and environmental sustainability resonated with attendees, fostering a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities in preserving our planet’s most vital resource.


    Dr. Rajendra Singh, a distinguished environmentalist and recipient of numerous accolades, including the Ramon Magsaysay Award, Stockholm Water Prize, and Jamnalal Bajaj Award, shared his wealth of knowledge and experiences during the session. His pioneering efforts in revitalizing rivers and water bodies across India have inspired a generation of environmental activists and advocates.


    The expert session was graciously hosted by Shri Arun S Bhatnagar IRS, the Group Advisor of the IIST Group. Mr. Bhatnagar’s strategic leadership and commitment to promoting sustainable practices within the institute served as a catalyst for meaningful discussions on water conservation and management.


    The session delved into various topics, including innovative water conservation techniques, community-based initiatives, and the importance of fostering partnerships across sectors to address water-related challenges effectively. Attendees, comprising students, faculty members, researchers, and professionals, actively engaged in the discussions, reflecting the shared commitment to safeguarding our planet’s natural resources.


    The expert session underscored the importance of collective action and collaboration in addressing the urgent challenges posed by water scarcity and pollution. It served as a call to action for individuals and organizations to prioritize environmental conservation and adopt sustainable daily practices.


    The expertise and insights of Dr. Singh inspired the IIST Group and the audience to redouble their efforts in promoting sustainable practices and environmental stewardship within the institution and beyond.

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