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Career opportunities in IT

Career opportunities in IT:

There are a number of career opportunities available in Information Technology sector. These opportunities are increasing exponentially day by day. Following are a few areas where IT aspirants can build their career –

• Information Security
To securely transfer information across corporate networks.
• IT Analyst
Translate business requirement into technical specification
• Network Administration
Configure and operate computer network
• Management Consulting
Provide consulting for government and organizations
• Database Administration
Managing corporate database
• Computer Forensics Expert
Extracts computer evidence for detecting/preventing/prosecuting crimes
• IT Sales:
people on frontline to sell products
• Software development:
develop software solutions to facilitate business processes.

Special areas of IT:

Information Technology, today has found applications in all walks of life. It would be worth mentioning few areas where IT has been already recognized significantly.

• Personal Communication
 Conversations (phone, cell)
 Messaging (E-mail, SMS)
 Video Conferencing.
• Entertainment
 Web surfing
 Downloading video and audio files
 Interactive gaming
• Day-to-Day living
 Buying airline ticket
 Ordering books
 Electronic banking/ stock market
 Net banking.
• Internal Communication
 Computer network
 Corporate website
 Video teleconferencing
 Messaging (SMS, email)
• Electronic Commerce
 Call Centers
 Electronic transactions
 Online sales
• Business operations

 Factory operation systems
 Databases