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  • Careful Listening Can Add Up Significantly to your Management Abilities

    In today’s fast-flowing world of growing economy, communication plays a vital role. It makes us understand and define the clear goals and objectives that have to be achieved in an intensely competitive professional environment leaving no room for error. Proper and explicit modes of communication are a fundamental and one of the most vital aspects in the management of any corporate entity. Therefore, listening carefully while highlighting every minute details can go a long way in determining the success of a management professional. The owners and proprietors in any company look for just such an individual who not only can give orders and execute goals but also possess keen ears and a sharp memory to analyze what objectives and guidelines he/she is being instructed to follow and determining how to follow them effectively.

    Fundamental techniques to be a good listener

    Amongst all other vital skills, the patience of listening is most valued in a management professional and recruiters take special note of this while hunting for prospective candidates. It is therefore of paramount importance that the prospective employee in the management field strives to hone his/her listening skills to the best of his/her abilities. There are a few pointers that one can follow to acquire the desired results of a good listener such as follows:

    • Attentiveness:Paying undivided attention to a speaker can often be very demanding as at times the speaker may not have a good fluency, proper pronunciation, or may simply be very dull in his/her way of communication. However, there still can be no excuse whatsoever and the aspiring professional must have the patience to endure through the speech and garner whatever important information that can be had. Having a notepad nearby to jot down the essentials is always a good idea in such cases instead of relying entirely on memory. The very nature of a dull speech can cause one to skip over essential points and hence to be efficient, one has to improvise.
    • Preparation in Advance:It is always desirable for the prospective candidate to prepare beforehand on the topic of discussion and be well-versed in the subject to better understand the range and potential of the matter. Having extra knowledge and adding to the information by attentive listening gives an essential edge especially when a question pops up in the middle of the speech directed at the candidate. Such a sitting serves more as a filling of blanks to the already acquired knowledge of the candidate, and he/she can revert back with a coherent reply leaving a good impression.
    • Balanced Curiosity:A curious mind coupled with a tactful observation during a discussion is always considered as the best learner. The aspiring professional is always welcome to ask an intelligent question as it creates a good impression. However, too much curiosity and interruption may spoil the effect. The listener must balance his/her interest and maintain the discipline to ask questions in the middle of pauses. He or she can always approach the speaker with remaining questions at the end of the session which will create a much more favorable impression.
    • Tactfulness:This is more of an acquired skill through experience, and it is the culmination point of all the above skills, which with proper discipline can be learnedvery well. A good listener well versed in the tactics of balancing his or her questions and curiosity must also know the value of silence. There might be times when he or she may not agree with the speaker or may not like the set of instructions. At such low points, the candidate can either respectfully place the difference of views as questions, and if all else fails, he or she must revert to diplomatic and tactful silence without betraying his/her feelings on the subject. An outright and blunt opposition is never a good idea as it has the potential to offend the employer which is never healthy.

    Acquiring such a valuable discipline not only helps in maintaining an even temper during heated boardroom discussions but also help in the private sphere of the respective lives. People possessing such skills are admired by everyone both in the corporate and the private world which ultimately boosts the chances of success and promotions much faster for the management professionals.

    We, at the Indore Institute of Management and Research, understand the hidden potential of such skills and take the responsibility to instill such modes of conduct in our students efficiently. With thorough support from our well respected and experienced teachers, we strive to prepare the young learners for every eventuality they might face in the field of management. As a premier institute and one of the top b-schools in Madhya Pradesh, we provide our students with active group discussions, seminars, lectures, internships, and other such opportunities which prove to serve as a vital training ground imbibing the pupils with the skills necessary to survive and grow in the industry. As a renowned management institute, we, at IIMR, understand the importance of such key skills for the growth of management professionals and strive hard to instill our students with them. The success stories of our students transforming into well-oiled professionals speak for the same.

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