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  • Civil Engineers are Indispensable for the Holistic Advancement of India

    • May 25, 2018
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    Engineers fledging from any field act as the core inventors, planners, and administrators of a particular project required for the establishment of a nation. The fact is not only applicable for India, but engineering professionals across the globe are constantly keying in their avant-garde skills in all-encompassing aspects reserved for national development. In a developing nation like India that holds a population of about 132.42 crores according to the worldometer of 2016, requires sustaining civil engineers than ever before to bestow the everyday life around us, which includes bridges, dams, water systems, traffic signals, and other endless utilities.

    India is known to be a treasure for brilliant engineers and has some of the outstanding infrastructural projects accomplished by Indian civil architects.  Regardless of how progressive the functionality of each industry grows, civil-engineers are the central medium to bring ideas into life and make them serviceable for the real-world use, which eventually leads to the active development of the environment. This article will specifically highlight the role that the civil engineers play in the integrated improvement of a developing nation like India.

    Unlike other professions, the roles and responsibilities of engineers have never become easy along with the passing of time. This is because their profession stands as the technology itself to make the functionality of other sectors simplistic and comfortable. India is undoubtedly advanced in many aspects when compared to other nations such as education, science, and research. But the country still lacks adequate technology along with proper execution of the same to obtain a better future. One of the most common grounds that Civil engineers work with is ‘project conception.’ The term indicates in-depth conceptualization of a specific project before getting started with the operation. This requires understanding the underlying relationship between the phases of the task, linking them efficiently for the right execution. The accurate conceptual designing of a project are jackpots that are only made possible by Civil engineers.

    The role of a civil engineer is extensive when it comes to the development of India, but it can be quite challenging at the same time. The occurrence of uninvited outdoor infrastructure breakage, highway accidents, water system overflows, and other such incidents are preventing India from sustaining its wealth and quality of life. And this is why we need highly skilled Civil Engineers today than ever before.

    Generally, engineers play a huge role in the processing, production, planning, and supervising of complex projects. When it comes to construction, the industry contributes approximately USD 126 billion to the total GDP of the nation. The role of engineers does not only conclude on infrastructural development but continues to several utilities used each day. They are responsible for physical maintenance of the projects which are mostly site-based and are also responsible for the safety and security of everyday people. This is one of the main reasons why the profession of a civil engineer is as stern and rigorous equivalent to the field of military or medicine and a lot depends on their diligence and performance.

    Considering the value of civil engineers for the national development, the Indian government is reaching out to aptly qualified, skilled, and licensed engineers to provide its citizens with a better, safer, and a cleaner dwelling system. It will be interesting to know that engineers in the modern times are more focused on exploring or performing analysis on a particular project rather than just working with construction. The new paradigms in engineering education are encouraging special research works which are often termed as Project investigation in the world of engineering. This is an idea which is being encouraged even more to benefit both engineering professionals as well as the nation in a single tie.

    Evidently, the job openings for emerging engineers in India touch nearly eighty-percent along with a magnificent chance of career growth. The Government is also establishing a healthy environment for entrepreneurship gradually and supporting engineering institutions in bulks. An institution that deserves a mention in this scenario is the Indore Institute of Science and Technology (IIST) which is ranked as one of the best engineering colleges in Indore, MP. If you are planning your career in the field of Civil engineering, the IIST is undoubtedly an ideal source to process and execute your skillset in the finest way for a skyscraping career ahead. The BE course conducted by IIST provides students with a real-world learning approach which is the foremost facility to top an engineering profession.

    We, at IIST, one of the top engineering colleges in Indore, believe that bringing technological revolution in the nation and beyond will need practical experiences more than ever before. We stand as the top-ranked engineering institutions across the globe and are best known for our state-of-the-art course structure. Students enrolled in this program can work with real-world advisors, deal with self-learning projects, attend lecture-cum discussions, and explore the richest learning materials from the IIST library. Our highly experienced faculty members are the experts honored for bestowing the career of several engineers passed out from IIST. Emerging as leaders in the engineering field can introduce you to critical challenges in today’s century, and this is exactly where we and our dedicated placement cell will take complete ownership of your career prospects on a global platform.

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