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  • The Future of Business Education in India

    The prevalent economic scenario combined with globalization is making the world more and more connected and interdependent on each other for business and economic development, thus bringing in strong drives for change. As a result, it has become a survival need for businesses to expand and grow their market beyond boundaries. To that end, the capability of the business management professionals holds a major role in propelling the business to greater heights of success. This means, well-trained and efficient business managers are the need of the hour and this is where quality business education makes its presence felt. With the future business world prone to witness tremendous growth and development, it is high time the business education is evolved to meet the changing needs of the industry.

    The future of the business world is driven by technology and economic changes and so the business education need to adapt and evolve accordingly. It is important for businesses to prepare their resources, both personnel and material, to compete with and withstand the changing global business market. This is why it has become more of a necessity for the b-schools to offer to students an immersive learning experience that pertains to the current shifts in the business world. It is crucial that business education now takes a shift from the traditional framework and is evolved keeping the following in consideration:

    Competent Skills:

    The changing business world has become more competitive and aggressive. As a result, businesses demand for potential candidates having skill competencies along with excellence to handle the industry challenges. This means managerial qualities are equally important as the academic knowledge. The future business education must be tuned enough to produce candidates who can combine academic expertise with ingenuity, agility, innovation, and influence. This way, the emerging business industry will have the efficient human resources who can propel the system ahead into new horizons.

    Global Exposure:

    As the global market is expanding with a large scope of opportunities, it is the responsibility of the business schools to prepare management students for the international market. Nowadays, businesses are not limited to domestic level, but possibilities are wide and large to conquer. When management professionals are given the right kind of exposure to the global market, they are capable of bringing huge profits.

    Technological Advancement:

    The technological advancements emerging every now and then are posing a challenge for today’s managers. Only with a sound knowledge in advancing technologies can the management professionals survive in the field successfully in the coming years. So, it is essential for business schools to not only incorporate relevant technologies in the curriculum but also make students aware of the nouveau technical/technological advancements in the field and train them accordingly so that they are well-equipped to face the real business environment.

    Modern business schools today are required to bring forth a holistic business education that serves the growing economic development and the evolving business environment. It has also become a necessity for business schools to groom industry-ready professionals, who are equipped and trained efficiently for the corporate business world out there. Keeping in mind the future of business education, today’s management institutes are preparing to bring changes to their curriculum and courses, so that they can deliver a hybrid academic approach, with a blend of traditional and modern techniques of learning.

    In that sense, Indore Institute of Management and Research (IIMR), one of the leading management colleges in M.P., is offering flagship programs to develop industry-ready management professionals who are practically oriented and conceptually sound to manage and excel in business operations. Since management includes diverse fields of work, IIMR is dedicated to preparing students for working in all sorts and types of business environments.

    The management programs at IIMR, which is one among the top 10 MBA colleges in Indore, are extremely relevant to the modern industry standards and offer better career opportunities for the graduates. The courses enhance the business skills of students, making them prepared for the business world that is driven by constant flux. All the programs at IIMR focus on outcome-based, experiential learning to train students on the business processes. Also, we impart in them the relevant knowledge through practical exposure, case studies, industry interface, and more. IIMR has created a robust platform to develop all the requisites of successful management professionals in students, providing them with rich soft skills training along with deep academic learning to help them transform into performing leaders and managers.

    IIMR is known for its teaching and instruction methods based on modern pedagogy and excellence-driven campus culture.  The postgraduate and undergraduate management programs at IIMR are spread across diverse specializations including Finance, Marketing, Human Resource, IT, Production/Operations. Our Industry Oriented MBA programs focus on preparing students to work in global business through a multifaceted approach that enhances their business/managerial skills and abilities. The institute’s association with corporate industry for training and exposure through live projects, visiting faculties, industrial visits, and interaction with high profile guests helps students get accustomed with the nitty-gritty of the real work environment.

    Ever since its inception, IIMR has been consistently working towards developing efficient management professionals with the right kind of skills and core competencies to stand an edge over the competitive business market. We believe that producing potential prospects for the industry is the essence of management education and IIMR strives to make it happen.

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