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  • The Relevance of Studying Chemical Engineering in Present Times

    • May 14, 2018
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    Environmental awareness is one vital and common piece of wisdom that ideally needs to be owned by all the deft minds of the 22nd century. Nowadays, each learned individual look forward to the physical environment’s nurturing and preservation of the resources embedded within it, and this is primarily so since people today are gaining awareness about how these two endeavors are cardinal in making the world a befitting place to live for long. This light of knowledge, however, is not only confined to an individualistic spectrum. Its rays have awakened national governments and internationally active administrative bodies as well.

    Countries of contemporary age realize that the only way to accomplish holistic sustenance is not by ‘torturing’ the biological ambiance but by protecting it. Global legislative organizations too recognize this ‘greater truth’, and in effect undertake ventures for preventing natural wealth’s ‘exhaustion’ and assuring just-needed utilization of its every form. What these establishments inherently attempt to actualize is the discontinuation of resource misuse by the global commercial world. Their prime motto is that of enlightening the mercantile arena about notions like recycling, inexhaustible sources, productive transformation of waste, and such other bio-friendly processes.

    In this regard, business houses are nowadays fundamentally expected to minimize the occurrence of toxic activities during the production of lifestyle merchandises (for example beauty products, food preservatives, fabric colors,) and adopt best possible ecological infrastructure for operation. The firms involved with thermo-chemical strategies for energy generation and base chemical creation too are required to curtail their amplified usage of organic assets like gas, oil, and coal and make a paradigm shift in functioning by availing sustainable feedstock such as ethanol, hydrocarbon fuel, biodiesel, etc.

    It may sound quite enough striking but what the moment actually requires is professionals who possess specific chemical knowledge and intelligence to reduce the very harmful ‘chemical’ effect over mother earth’s health and save its innately ‘born’ properties. They are expected to be experts at implementing chemically less hazardous yet most effective production techniques and inventing compounds and particles which are optimally ecological and serviceable as well, and ensuring that types of machinery availed are at par with environment safety criterions while being commercially progressive and beneficent. To depict in one line, the modern age necessitates a multiplied quotient of adept Chemical Engineers.

    These distinctive professionals possess an exquisite skill to immaculately scrutinize pros and cons of every chemically active procedure and involved elements. This aptitude permits them to assist the state governments in framing ecological safety policies and setting the yardstick for eco-friendly mercantile operations. They are also able to aid those corporations engaged in a thermo-chemical course of action in inventing alternative energy routes like water, biomass, and decomposed waste, etc. and implementing those for biological betterment. Hence, today, when mankind is chanting the righteous hymn of ‘Save Nature’, it becomes crucial for both, the national administrations and all sorts of production-based companies, to avail services of skilled Chemical Engineers and actualize environmentally ethical operations.

    Moreover, in the present times, when resource re-utilization is getting increasingly championed for lessening consumption of natural assets, Chemical Engineers have a greater role to play. For example, plastic litter is one of the most potent threats to Nature’s well-being since it needs more than 1000s of years to completely consume it. But there exists the chemical procedure of Pyrolysis that can convert plastic debris into its nascent structure and make the rubbish useful again. What is more promising is that at an evolved stage, Pyrolysis can produce fundamental chemicals such as aromatics, olefins, oxygenates, and resultantly reduce ‘pressure’ over organic atmosphere for their availability.

    Chemical Engineers also stand to be of paramount importance for the global organizations devoted to heightening ‘eco-enlightenment.’ Through articulately detailed chemical models, the former ones guide these organizations in showcasing to the international community the perils of certain commercial manufacturing methods for the biological spectrum, and in effect influencing governmental and mercantile decisions. Reference should be cited here about the Montreal Protocol, which prohibited worldwide usage of definite halocarbons. The charter got constructed over deep-seated alertness about ozone layer’s depletion that was demonstrated by effectual Kinetic Model of Chemistry. In more current time-spans, Kinetic Paradigm is utilized by environment protection agencies to aware nationalized economies about the necessity to attach the highest importance to natural resources available within their perimeters.

    Such a scenario strengthens all the more amplified requirement of Chemical Engineers for the 22nd century and establishes the viability and potential of studying Chemical Engineering today. Nevertheless, essential in here is such an immaculate curriculum that is theoretically profound and pragmatically excellent. The Chemical Engineering program offered at the Indore Institute of Science and Technology (IIST), which is among the top chemical engineering colleges in Indore, India fulfills both of these criterions.

    Students, in here, are endowed with adroitness to envision and execute eco-safe and health-secure chemical methodologies and devise such relevant infrastructures which are ‘fitted’ for nature and at par with the practical socio-economic backdrop. Faculty at the Chemical Engineering branch of IIST also ensure that students master the skill of availing progressive techniques and making an all-inclusive best use of available organic elements. All in all, IIST, retaining its position as one of the top engineering colleges in MP, isn’t leaving any stone unturned in ensuring that the institute keeps on producing the best of chemical engineering professionals that the world needs today.

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