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  • The use of technology in different fields


    Technology in 21stcentury has enabled humans to make strides our ancestors could only dream of. This means that 21st technology allows us to manage dreams as possible which the ancestors only have dreamed of.

    1. Use of technology in business

    Technology benefits usto persist effortless.Technology is extremely essential in business because it enables the more effective, faster and somewhat easier methods for managing a profession. For an example, to provide easier manufacturing of goods, computer programs can be used in business.

    Some of the simple methods for managing business through technology are –

    • Networking
    • Accounting System
    • Telephone Communication
    • Inventory Control System



    1. Use of technology in Medical field

    With the help of technology, scientists of medicalfield have managed to inspect the disorders on a biological level and manage antibodies against them.

    Currently, hospitals of entire world use unique, technical machines to scan the body.

    Examples of some of the rare technical soft wares used in medical fields are listed below.

    • Electronic Health Record (EHR) Software
    • MedicalDiagnosis Software
    • Imaging and Visualization
    • MedicalDatabase Software
    • E-prescribing Software
    • MedicalEquipment Management


    1. Technology used in Institutes for Academics

    In the field of academics, students have many technical things. At schools and colleges too, there are interactive boards equipped in all the classrooms to view animated video for the chapter of the syllabus. Before starting the chapter or module the students can view the summary or video clip for that chapter in the smart board and then start with the detail of the chapter. There are many quizzes also for the students to solve after completion of the chapter.

    Some of the main technologies used for academics by institutes are-

    • Electronic Whiteboards,
    • Flipped Learning,
    • Projectors,
    • Videoconferencing Classroom Technologies,
    • Mobile Learning,
    • And Computer Networking.
    1. Technology used in Communication


    When we use communication technology, we can invent and convey information to your employees or customers anywhere. If you need to contact the employees living out of the station, you can SMS or email their mobile instead of waiting for them to return to the office. In early times, communicating with people outside your hometown was quite tough process thereby arising the requirement of physical letter writing and sending to the person outside the hometown. But now, in just 2 min or 3 min we can contact to not only the person who is outside the home town but also outside the country and across the world. This procedure is only possible because of technology.


    Technology used in Computer Science


    Technology is emerging updated day to day. Computer science also uses technology for various fields.

    • AI is that field of science in which we make machines hardware and software intelligent because in absence of humans they can do their work nicely.
    • Cloudcomputingallows multitasks, which in turn enables forwarding of resources among a large number of users. Centralization of resources in cloudcomputing environments lowers the cost of infrastructure too.

    Some of the cloud technologies are-

    • Virtualization
    • Grid Computing
    • Service-Oriented Architecture
    • Infrastructure as a Service
    • Utility Computing
    • Platform as` a Service
    • Software as a Service
    • IOT is also one of the popular technologies used in Computer Science. Companies use IOTfor innovative management. IOT provides an advantage of knowing things in advance.
    • Block chain is considered as a complex platform for technology. Block chain is a network of peer-to-peer devices that are interconnected. This technology provides for the absence of a central database and the lack of clearly defined locations where all the data is stored. And so on.



    By Kalyani Tiwari

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