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Message from HOD – Chemical Engineering

Welcome to the Department of Chemical Engineering of Indore Institute of Science & Technology, Indore.

Chemical Engineering, in essence, concerns the economic design and operation of chemical plants. Today, chemical plants encompass a considerable range. For example, computer chip manufacturing units, engineered micro-organisms for pharmaceuticals, engineered ecosystems for environment up gradation and drug delivery systems are some of the “new” chemical plants which coexist with the “traditional” chemical plants for manufacture of basic chemicals, petroleum, polymers, pharmaceuticals, cement, fertilizer and processed foods. Chemical Engineering fundamentals draw from physics, chemistry, mathematics and increasingly biology, which are combined with engineering art to understand and control molecular and macroscopic processes in these diverse systems. The discipline is expanding and the new science and engineering are helping develop technologies that are more efficient, safer and environmentally friendly.

Chemical Engineers have made important contributions to society over the years in terms of products and processes. The breadth and versatility of their training will continue to open many new opportunities for chemical engineers in the future.

Our program meets the quality standards set by the profession. At the graduate-level, the department offers a program leading to a Master of Technology in Computer Aided Chemical Process Design, which includes advanced technologies of chemical engineering and a strong foundation in research, both fundamental and applied.

Our faculties are having wide variety of experiences in both industry and education and are committed to providing the optimal educational experience. We monitor the trends in the field of chemical engineering and introduce the curriculum related to latest trends & technologies in Chemical Engineering beyond the syllabus offered by our university. The students are given practical hands on training of latest software used by Industries.

The Department has very good experimental facilities for research and a strong technical staff. The Department has strong links with industry with interactions spanning consultancy, sponsored research and continuing education.

We are pleased to name a few of our industrial associate who are giving opportunity to learn to our young budding engineers at their sites like SRF Ltd, Tata International, RRCAT, Eicher Motors, Beena Oman Refinery, Ipca Laboratories, HPCL Ltd, Dewas, Ranbaxy etc.

Samatha Singh
HOD, Chemical Engineering