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Civil Engineering Events


  • An Expert Lecture by Dr.R.K. Shrivastava on Scope of Civil Engineering for first year Civil Engineering students.
  • An Expert Lecture by Dr.Vandana Tare on Future prospects in Civil Engineering.
  • An Expert Lecture by Dr. Abhay Gupta on Pre Engineered steel Building for Civil engineering students.
  • An Expert Lecture by Dr. A.N.Patel on Soil Mechanics for Civil Engineering Students.
  • An Expert Lecture by Mr. S.B. Sarwate on Demolition of High Rise Building in busy areas by explosion.

Technical Visits

  • Three day visit to Tawa Dam (Hoshangabad) for third year students.
  • Visit of water treatment plant at Jalood (Mandleshwar) for third year students. (One of the biggest Treatment plant in India).
  • Visit of sewage treatment plant at Kabitkhedi Indore for third yearstudents.
  • Educational tour to Bharuch Enviro Infrastructures Ltd., Ankleshwar for final year students for environmental studies.
  • Visit to White Church, Indore for rock blasting for under-ground sewage line laying.
  • Visit at the Regional Park, Indoreto study its development process.
  • A flyover bridge site visit at Banganga fly over and Teen Imli square in Indore for third year students.
  • Box culvert construction site visit near IIM Indore for second year students.
  • A visit to Railway crossing and Railway operation at Laxhmibai Railway station Indore.