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  • Annual Award Ceremony

    The Annual Award Ceremony for the academic year 2023-24, organized by the Indore Institute of Management and Research (IIMR), Indore, was a momentous occasion celebrating the outstanding achievements and contributions of students in both academic and extracurricular domains. Held on February 21, 2024, the event honored students who excelled in various disciplines, showcasing their dedication, talent, and commitment to excellence.

    The ceremony commenced with the recognition of academic excellence, where students who demonstrated exceptional performance in their respective academic fields were awarded gold medals, symbolizing their outstanding achievements. These students exhibited a remarkable level of dedication, perseverance, and scholarly pursuit throughout the academic year.

    In addition to academic achievements, the ceremony also celebrated sporting accomplishments, with students receiving silver medals for their excellence in sports. These individuals showcased exemplary sportsmanship, teamwork, and skill, representing the spirit of athleticism and sports excellence upheld by IIMR.

    Alongside medals, students were honored with cash prizes and certificates for their participation and success in various academic activities, competitions, and events held throughout the academic year. These awards recognized students’ talents, creativity, and achievements beyond the traditional classroom setting, encouraging a culture of holistic development and engagement.

    The award ceremony served as a platform to celebrate the collective achievements of students, fostering a sense of pride, motivation, and inspiration within the IIMR community. Honorable Group Advisor Sir Shri Arun Bhatnagar, Dr. Puneet Duggal (CEO), Dr. Aradhana Chouksey (Principal IIMR), Dr. Keshav Patidar (Principal IIST), Dr. Nimita Manocha (Principal IIP),Students, faculty, and staff came together to applaud the accomplishments of their peers, creating a supportive and encouraging environment that encourages continuous growth and excellence.

    The event also provided an opportunity to express gratitude and appreciation to faculty members, mentors, and staff who played a pivotal role in nurturing and guiding students towards success. Their dedication, mentorship, and unwavering support were instrumental in shaping the academic and personal growth of students at IIMR.

    Overall, the Annual Award Ceremony at IIMR, Indore, was a resounding success, honoring the achievements and contributions of students while reinforcing the institute’s commitment to excellence, integrity, and holistic development. It served as a testament to the hard work, dedication, and passion of the IIMR community in striving for excellence and making a positive impact on society.

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