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  • 5 New Age Career Options for Management Graduates That’ll Trend in 2021

    With the world evolving fast and globalization impacting businesses worldwide, it is no surprise that there would be groundbreaking advancement in management careers.  Gone are the days when people used to choose conventional career paths in the management domain. Today, the advent of technology and industry developments has created a new avenue of opportunities for management students. Here are 5 of such new-age career options for management graduates that are expected to trend the most in the coming year and beyond.

    Digital Marketing

    The internet is transforming the world, and this trend has already seeped into the business environment as well. Big corporates like Amazon, Facebook, and other digital platforms have irrevocably altered the consumer and business landscape, generating new ways of doing business. As a result, conventional marketing would no longer be as efficient as it was. It is time for businesses to make a shift to hire digital marketing professionals to establish their online presence and lure consumers online to their businesses. There are so many roles emerging in the domain of Digital marketing with high salaries, flexible working hours, and dynamic work environments, which are making digital marketing as one of the top trending domains of work for management graduates in the times to come.


    With the emergence of online shopping platforms, e-commerce is soon to take the lead in enhancing sales for businesses. E-commerce management professionals are basically responsible for managing online business marketing and advertising, developing online stores, handling customer support, and much more. It also includes dealing with the complexities of the eCommerce business and management information systems to provide the customers with a seamless shopping experience. The role encompasses a wide range of professional skills and experience to tackle the diverse market segments and consumers and drive profitable online sales of business products and services.

    Market Research Analyst

    With the increase in changing consumer habits, businesses are looking forward to understanding the market changes and fine-tune their business growth accordingly. Market research analysts are responsible for helping companies understand the consumer’s mind and appraise businesses of the existing and forthcoming trends in the market related to their business products or services. The broader scope of the career includes analyzing current and future market conditions for increasing the potential sales of business. Market research analysts monitor, assess, and predict consumer preferences and sales trends to help businesses decide on moving their business ahead in the competitive market.

    Management Consultants

    Management consultants are professionals who help companies improvise their existing business approach, and thereby the performance, by providing expert advice and solutions for business problems. Taking on a role as a management consultant demands a diverse set of skills and industry knowledge along with a highly compatible MBA degree and a handful of research and experience after graduation. With stellar communication skills and analytical abilities, management consultants are becoming important for businesses to guide them in the right direction with timely recommendations that improve business practices and efficiency.

    International Business Management

    Amidst globalization, international business management jobs are getting increasingly popular. More and more companies are looking for management graduates to take their business to a global scale. With foreign trade growing tremendously in India and the country attracting many MNCs, international business management professionals can get a strong foothold of the career in many Indian companies spreading out to foreign shores and also lookout for global job opportunities.

    There’s no denying that the career scope for management professionals is widening. As such, it is high time management aspirants attain the right kind of education from a reputed institute that provides them with ample theoretical and practical knowledge of the industry nitty-gritty. The future business world would require active contributors, and only those who will have the skills and know-how will thrive. In that sense, Indore Institute of Management& Research, one of the best management colleges in MP, offers highly valued management programs designed to develop the professional and technical skills required toadvance in different careers of business and management. We, at IIMR, provide extensive industry interface and multifaceted approach of training to generate futuristic, innovative, and efficient business executives and managers who can attain huge professional feats in the future business environment.

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