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  • 8 Most Popular Jobs for Mechanical Engineering Graduates

    Immerged during the industrial revolution, mechanical engineering has since then grown to enormous heights of complexity and significance. Today, the expertise of mechanical engineer is in extensive demand all around the globe owing to heavy growth in industry and commerce that requires the services of such professionalswho are well-versed in the arts of building, maintaining, and operating complex machines.

    Unlike any other profession, a mechanical engineer has the potential to explore various aspects of the industry and engage in numerous fields to apply his/her trade skills. No wonder the demand for skilled mechanical engineers is always on a rise. The jobs a mechanical engineer can apply for are vast. Here in this article, we will provide you details of the top eight most desirable job profiles for mechanical engineers.

    • Architecture and engineering manager- The architecture and engineering manager mainly manage and coordinate projects of varying complexities and is extensively involved in the creation and alteration of the blueprints according to requirements in construction. The basic skills required for such a position are designing,dealing withcomplex mathematical calculations, problem-solving skills, and ability to direct calculated effort to create a structurally sound framework. The salary package varies within 7 to 9 lacs per annum.
    • Material engineers- The material engineers are generally involved with working in the development stage of a product that involves processing and testing of materials essential for the production. He/she uses the acquired knowledge of chemistry, mathematics, and engineering techniques to synthesize a new material and improve on the structure of existing ones. With 6.5to 8 lacs of annual income at the start, such a field holds a lot of prospects.
    • Draft engineering- This profile involves the extensive use of software and modules by mechanical engineers to design, draft, and test the items that are to be produced at a technical level, eliminating flaws before assigning it for production. They also sculpt the design out of clay, test its various aspects of functionality, and calculate the properties of the treated material so that they maintain their shape to the desired specifications under the duress.Typically the wage paid to such a professional varies from 5 to 7 lacs per annum for a fresh graduate.
    • Mechanical design engineer-The job of a mechanical design engineer is to oversee the research, development, and design of the proposed idea of a product. His/her job is to monitor and direct all efforts to the creation of a flawless product before approving it for final mass production. It is one of the most sought-after jobs in the engineering sector with basic pay starting from 6 lacs and above.
    • Nuclear engineers-A nuclear engineer is engaged actively in working with radioactive isotopes to design test and build machinery and instruments used in harnessing its power and also treating and disposing of nuclear wastes. The scope of a nuclear engineer is not just related to the energy sector. Medical sector often uses imaging and scanning devices that are designed by nuclear engineers. The post of a nuclear engineer is a rarified field with most engineers earning a pay well above 7.5 lacs per annum.
    • Petroleum engineers-The oil and natural gas industry is one of the most important sectors with a large number of engineers who constantly extract and manage the rare fossil fuel resource. Petroleum engineers are responsible for building, maintaining, and creating more efficient tools to minimize wastageof the precious fuel and convert it to various forms of usable petroleum products. Such engineers are generally experts in the field of industrial chemistry and earn more than 7 lacs per annum at the very basic level.
    • Aeronautics and aviation engineers- The delicacy of machinery built to sustain the safe flight of heavy objects requires the skilled knowledge of a mechanical engineer well versed in the physics of flight. Having applications both in the civilian and military field, aeronautical engineers are charged with the development, maintenance, testing, and operation of civilian and military aircraft. The basic pay for such a field starts from 8lacs per annum but it may vary with position.
    • Mechanical engineering technicians-They mainly help in designing, development, testing, and manufacturing of mechanical devices. They may make blueprints, record and analyze findings, and make calculations that aid in the final production. A mechanical engineering technician is generally associated with the manufacturing process and helps in assisting of the same. Making sketches, layouts, recording and analyzing are some of the main aims of the job with a starting salary of 5-6 lacs and above.

    As we can see, the career options for such a profession are as lucrative and just as diverse. Since every industry in any kind of sector operates with the help of machines, therefore a mechanical engineer becomes invaluable for maintaining the continuity of its operations.

    We, at the Indore Institute of Science and Technology, one among the best engineering colleges in Indore, strive to provide the necessary quality education to the aspiring students in the field of mechanical engineering and give them the tools needed to be successful in the field. Armed with premier facilities and modern laboratories, our experienced staff of teachers strives for excellence in the field of study for the future of our young generation of bright students. We believe that working hard goes hand in hand with working smart. We strive to instill the same values and knowledge in our students who with their abilities as a professional will inevitably rise high and succeed.

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