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  • A Career as a Chemical Engineer – Detailed Insights

    • July 5, 2018
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    • Best Chemical Engineering Colleges in Indore Chemical Engineering Colleges in Indore

    Chemical engineering (CE) being a unique branch of engineering encompasses several disciplinary fields like chemistry, physics, and mathematics and involves working on biological substances, specialty chemicals, fuels, healthcare, petrochemicals, etc. The occupation of chemical engineering expands your horizons to almost all categories of industries and influences the making-procedure of all products manufactured on an industrial scale. Some of the significant sectors that are currently thriving in the domain of chemical engineering are environmental, pharmaceuticals, and Petroleum.

    CE,as one of the most intricate educational streams, is also considered among the most lucrative and in-demand career options that leverage infinite scopes for fresh graduates in India in the present job market. This is mainly because the paradigms of the CE domainare evolving rapidly with time and extending out from the core functionality of merely working with chemicals and chemical procedures. Aspirants, graduating in chemical engineering, brush on multiple sectors with minimum limitations or boundaries to job versatility and career growth nowadays. In fact, these professionals are the spine of any industry that involvesassembling unprocessed inputs and turning them into actionable insights.This particular article will provide youan extensive idea about the opportunities and scopes of chemical engineering as a career.

    MostSought-after Career Profilesin Chemical Engineering

    CE is one of the leading career prospects when it comes to job versatility. CE provides plenty of opportunities for pursuersto expand in terms of their career and growth. Pursuing a career in chemical engineering does not indicate that candidates need to stick to the traditional trends of the profession. In fact, CE underpins a broad range of technologies where individuals can brush their talents and skills. You will see a large number of chemical engineers involved in research projects nowadays. Chemical engineers are often hired by large-scale plants to boost their business productivity with the help of domain-centric insights. We are now going to take a look at some of the most sought-after job profiles frequently opted by chemical engineers in today’s time.

    • Process Control Engineer–Process controlengineers generally test, analyze, and process systems and mechanisms to introduce new implementation strategies and boost process efficiency and productivity. They are mainly responsible for the long-term outcome and bigger picture. The median salary for process control engineers sums up to approximately USD 102,166per annum which is quite a generous figure.
    • Senior Process Engineer – As process control managers work with systems and techniques, the process-engineers work with substances and chemicals to manufacture products and transform them into usable materials. The primary role of professionals in this field includes troubleshooting and executing process development projects which will turn into modified or new processes. An approximate starting salary range of a process engineer is from USD 60,951 to USD 71,474 per annum.
    • Field Engineers – As the name suggests, the duties of a field engineer mostly span outside the office area. The role is field-based that involves skillfully developing innovative industrial processes and designing process-plants. The procedures created by these professionals are utilized by industries to produce all kinds of products ranging from food and drinks to oil and gas. The average salary prospects of a field engineer are around is USD 69,632 per annum.

    Besides the aforementioned profiles, thecareer options for chemical engineers are boundless in the modern job market. Apart from the above profiles, chemical engineering graduates can also work on the profiles ofAutomation Project Manager, Structural Engineer,or a Manufacturing Engineer, or can also opt to make a career in the academic domain as Lecturers or Professors.

    An Overview of the Current and Future Scopes in Chemical Engineering

    The increasing growth of research organizations like atomic power plants, laboratories, defense establishments in present India is striving for advanced skills and talents rooting from the field of chemical engineering. Research-centric domains highly require chemical engineering experts to increase the effectiveness of their product manufacturing processes.

    All this has led to an increasing demand for well-qualified and skilled chemical engineers in India as well as abroad. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Employment Projections program, the employment rate of chemical engineers is expected to increase by 8 percent between the years 2016 to 2026. Professionals in CE are getting consistent exposure to American business practices with substantial opportunities abroad. A large percentage of jobs for chemical engineers are particularly available in nations like the UK, Scotland, and England.

    But to grab the best of job opportunities in the chemical engineering domain, it is crucial for aspirants to possess a proper educational background with advanced skills and insights. To that end, the Indore Institute of Science and Technology (IIST) stands tall as one of the most prestigious engineering colleges in Indore, M.P., which isprincipally known for its high quality of engineering education. We, at IIST, utilize a highly industry-centric course curriculum and the most contemporary teaching techniques that enable our students to aptly utilize the modern tools and technologies that are in-trend in the current field environment. We, at IIST, aim to help our students vanquish all the upcoming challenges emerging in the current industrial scenario and stand out as the most successful professionals.

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