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  • Data Science the most happening career after 12th

    Data Science an overview:

    As the world evolves into a digital era along with humanity thus generating more and more complex data derived through human behavior and their activities, it seems essential to have an edge over the science of understanding this large amount of data. This field of studying a large amount of data long with its characteristics has attracted many lucrative job opportunities from different dimensions.

    So what exactly is this Data science?

    As many of us do hear this term in different forms, be it banking, insurance, ITES, KPO/BPO, healthcare services, education sector, population studies and demographics, they all have a common factor in their daily operations which depends on data. Data derived from these different sectors may be different in various forms like numerical, text, alphanumerical, diagram based and etc. Our main question is what do these organizations do with the large amount of data and how is this data generated?

    To answer the questions, let us look at an example of an educational institute which catersalmost 10,000 students into different streams of studies like engineering, management and pure sciences. In order to understand the inclination of a student’s interest within a particular course, we simply compare the ratio of students taking admission into that particular course. However, if we need a broader spectrum of understanding of the further behavior of student during the course and after the completion of the course, which sounds to be a more complex data, we need more advance decision making tools of handling this large amount of data in a systematic manner.

    Hence, when we collate many other tools, algorithms, procedures and techniques in a pattern to apply it over a large amount of data, by the computer, once when it is fed by that data is the raw essence of data science.

    Trends in Data Science

    There are lot many technical jargons involved in this field of data science like, predictive analysis, perspective analysis, machine learning, artificial intelligence and many more which sound to be suddenly evolving from the highly volatile industrial sector. However, the basics to this field lies in the pure understand of descriptive and decision statistics, quantitative analysis, discrete mathematics and Boolean algebra along with certain other aspects of computer sciences like programming, algorithm building, database management and many more. As per the current evolving situation of jobs in various sectors data science stands out to be considered as one of the most happening sought out job.

    Data Science at IIMR

    Here at IIMR, we have a unique blend of the most happening domains of the industry into a single program which is known as:

    B.Sc. (Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics)

    This program is crafted in a very unique manner so as to meet all the requirements off a student aspiring to pursue a career into data science. All the three major domains needed for a student to make it big in the field of data science are very well manifested during these three years of the course. At the end of this program a student is not only industry ready but also having a dominating arm over the other aspirants in data science as he/she shall be also trained with tools like R programming, MS-Excel and many others in the form of SIGs (special interest groups). These techniques not only help our students to excel in their domain areas but also have an edge over the others in this competitive world of data science.

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