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  • Drawing the Best Out of the Team is the True Skill of a Manager

    “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller

    The more time rolls, the more the twenty-first-century work culturegains awareness oftheabove statement, once voiced by the renowned American political activist and author. The modern landscape of business has educated us with innovative and numeroustrends over time. The dynamics of how an organization operates have been continuously revolutionizing with no halt. The new paradigms ruling the business industry today comprise increasing adoption of new technology, growthof affluence in developing economies, high availability of big data,and much more. One of these paradigms in the underlying forces of the twenty-first-centurysuccessful business operations is team-work or ‘team management.’

    The contemporary business environment is team-focused

    As per recent and important business surveys, the years in the last decade have noticed massive shifts in the way organizational workforces function. Teams have emerged as crucial tools for modern organizations to maximize performance and productivity in business. In fact, today, organizationsperceive their workforces as a highly collaborative, cooperative and collective group of minds rather than individual employees. Therefore, big brands and corporates are focusing on recruiting talents who treasure the potential to work efficiently and actively in teams and collaborative projects. And this is why the administrative professionals and executives on senior management levels are expected to be enriched with team-building, handling, and inspiring skills.

    Modern business ventures demand multi-sourced contribution

    While certain tasks might need individual efforts, 75% of the ventures demand attention and knowledge from a group of talented, diverse, and tactful minds. The nature of projects in today’s business environment is complex and far-reaching. These complex responsibilities surpass the confinements of traditional working styles and seek the influence and involvement of multiple perceptions, understandings, and actions. This makes it vital for managers to have strong team management skills.

    After all, a team can only reach its ultimate potential when its roots are based on firm ground. This is where the brilliance and insightful approaches of management professionals set in action. Today’s managementprofessionals need to acknowledge the fact that each mind’s contribution holds certain value when it comes to acceleration of tasks. The higher the leader focuses on team synergy, the higher is the possibility of successful attainment of goals.

    No wonder, organizations today look for professionals who can go beyondthe rudimentary craftsmanship of management and implement the art of true leadership in order to master team management. Here are some of the strategies a leader can utilize to foster and aspirate the true potential of a team in an organization:

    • Leading by example
    • Establishing trust among team members
    • Gathering feedback from executives and managers
    • Making wise use of time
    • Identifying individual potentials in team
    • Setting realistic team goals to help them gain success
    • Maintaining consistency
    • Rewarding and recognizing the efforts

    If you see, the modern world corporate system is such that right from HR and finance to sales and marketing, 85% of the aspects of a successful business bodyareteam-driven. Emerging as an influential part of the modern business market requires being cognizant regarding its trends, new-age setting, trading-tactics, know-how, and more. And this is where attaining your management education from a reputed institute gains prominence.

    If you are one of those ambitious minds, planning a promising and ever-progressing career in the realm of business management, we, at the Indore Institute of Management & Research, recognized among the best management colleges in MP, can provide you with the ideal platform. From learning, honing, and exploring your skills in the most dynamic learning environment to growing amid the guidance of the most esteemed and experienced faculty in the nation, IIMR guarantees a cherishable experience to all its students. Besides,IIMR also follows a significantly structured procedure with high consistency when it comes to placements. Most of the alumni from the institute have managed to make their name among the most influential minds in the industry today. You can too set sail to your aspirations and attain an ever-advancing career in business management from the campus of IIMR.

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