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  • Engineering Technology Trends to Watch for in 2019

    Engineering is a domain of study that connects the fine threads of innovation and evolution together. It has been one of the renowned means for bridging up the bridge between necessity and invention since ages. Over the last two decades, the field of engineering has contributed substantially to making the sphere of technological advancement witnessed remarkable progress. The trend will continue in 2019 as well with a little addition of evolution of whatever is already there around the corner. Though a lot of changes have already been predicted by the expertsin the field, 2019 will see more of development than innovation from the engineering domain. Let us have a brief look at the vital aspects that 2019 is due within terms of ruling trends of engineering technology.

    Artificial Intelligence

    Although the concept of AI is not something that sounds fresh, most of it had been theoretical and conceptual so far. 2019 might see AI as a major launch in the application field as one of the significant revolutionaries of what is called The Fourth Industrial Revolution. top 50 engineering colleges in mp Even though it would appear with an immediate lay off effect on the human workforce, it would also generate a whole new set of employment opportunities with a dire demand for exceptionally skilled engineers. Hence, the use of AI for industrial purposes will be one of the most happening trends that 2019 will witness.


    5G connectivity, with its potential to control and rule every single innovation and application of the engineering domain, stands as another important technological trend to watch for in 2019. There has already been considerable buzz regarding the mass level launch of 5G connectivity which will power the rest of the advancements in the technological field as well. Every sphere of life and living is expected to go under a change through its machine to machine applications.

    IoT(Internet of Things)

    The idea of IoT cradled during the later years of the first decade of this century. Over the next decade, it grew to its maturity to become functional by 2019. With its promised potential to connect everything to the internet, IoT is surely one of the latest trends expected to dominate the engineering technology field in 2019. The only thing it needs for its support is the 5G connectivity, which is already making a buzz in the technological section. Assessing the potential of IoT as an employment generator that would seek engineers with exceptional and specialized skills, Indore Institute of Science & Technology has recently inaugurated a newlab dedicated to grooming engineering students into skilled professionals with hands-on knowledge of IoT. Successful application of IoT would require the engineers to be alert about every communication as all the sensors would be linked with one another,forming a complex network web. Starting from the basic functioning to complicated interpretations, this cell in Indore Institute of Science & Technology will update the students with relevant knowledge to keep them ahead in the run.


    With its potential to establish an effective relation between humans and machines, automation will surely rule the technological field in 2019. Smart manufacturing and digital transformations are the two fields that would experience most of the applications of machine-to-machine and machine-to-human automations. Studies have already revealed that within the next three years, the lion share of the industry will be taken up by automation and AI to ensure faster, agile, and smarter manufacturing techniques and better outputs. Surely there will be changes in the recruitment trends following the changes in the skill requirements as well. People with more knowledge in supervising all these technologies would be in higher demand in the coming years.

    Cyber Security Engineering

    With everything getting connected to the internet, security will surely take a significant place in the trending list. As technology would progress, the demand for maintaining security of the data available on the internet will also increase making it a trend for the engineering technology in 2019.

    With so many changes due by the end of 2019, the whole pattern of recruitment is sure to go under a drastic change which must be backed by a change in learning approach as well. We, at Indore Institute of Science & Technology, recognized among the Top Ten Engineering Colleges in MP, understand the same and have provided for special classes and training programs for our pupils, augmenting knowledge for all the relevant aspects to continue with our legacy of unbeaten placement.

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