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  • How Has Technology Helped to Upgrade the Pharmacy Industry?

    • September 17, 2021
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    Technology has seeped into each and every sphere of life. As such, it is no surprise that technology has also shown a significant advancement in the global pharmaceutical industry. The inclusion of technology in the pharmacy industry has helped to not only ensure ease of working for the pharma professionals but also better healthcare services for the patients. No denying, technology has worked to improve the functioning of the industry on many fronts, including operational, functional, and clinical aspects.

    Technology has made pharmacies more efficient in dealing with patients’ medications and quickly accessing medical and patient information. Apart from the pharmacies, technological involvement has also increased the accuracy of drugs in the medical field. So, on that note, we, at the Indore Institute of Pharmacy, a PCI approved pharmacy college in Indore, would like to shed some light today on some of the ways technology has helped upgrade the pharmacy industry for the better. 

    1) E-Prescribing

    E-prescribing is extremely helpful not only in the pharma industry but also in the medical industry. It ensures that prescriptions are available readily and on time. It reduces the time and effort needed for each patient while also decreasing the error made due to miscommunication. It helps pharmacy workers to understand the medicines prescribed quickly and whether there are any hazardous interactions in the drug or not. 

    2) Recording the immunizations 

    Medical professionals and pharmacists are in-charge of administering vaccines. Taking the help of technology can fasten and organize this process. All pharmacies can now allocate a vaccine and record it accurately so that the whole immunization history of the patient is easily accessible for all concerned medical professionals.

    3) Telecare

    With the introduction of technology in the pharmaceutical field, it is now possible to consult patients and prescribe medication through digital telecommunication. This is known as telecare, and it has revolutionized the healthcare and pharmaceutical fields alike. The technology of telecare has helped to reduce both time and cost for the patients while access to quality healthcare is improved for the masses. 

    4) Barcode identification 

    Barcode identification is used along with e-prescription to increase the accuracy of medical administration. It also helps to improve the medical history of patients for easier access by all concerned medical personnel. Barcode identification also helps keep track of medication dispensed and the frequency of dispensing so that illicit medical transactions can be brought to a minimum.

    5) AI in pharmaceutical drug development 

    AI or Artificial Intelligence is being used in the biochemical field to create better pharmaceutical drugs with the help of patients who are dealing with health issues. AI helps the biochemists involved in the research work by doing simple tasks and saving them time and energy. This means that the researchers can focus more on coming up with new and improved formulas for drugs. Scientists are also working with AI technology to find new methods for new drugs to be engineered and administered.

    Summing Up

    The pharmaceutical industry is rapidly changing and upgrading itself constantly through the help of technology. And there’s no denying that the technological advancements embraced by the industry have actually helped to improve the way the industry used to work. At the Indore Institute of Pharmacy, positioned among the top PCI approved pharmacy colleges in Indore, MP, we believe that technology is today a crucial element of the pharma industry. As such, if you wish to make a career in the industry, it is necessary that you have the basic know-how of the technology in addition to a strong understanding of the core pharma concepts. At IIP, we understand the role of technology in the professional sphere and thus leave no stone unturned in ensuring that our students are as adept with the relevant technological advancements as they are with their theoretical and practical concepts. The outcome is skilled and industry-ready individuals who are ready to give their best to the industry right from day one.

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