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  • How Has the Meaning of Management Evolved During the Pandemic?

    The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the world forever. A major social and economic crisis has been felt throughout the globe. With the overnight implementation of policies like “lockdown,” “social distancing,” and “quarantine,” businesses throughout the world faced serious backlash. The crisis forced the businesses to produce a plethora of long-lasting changes. Organizations from the world over came up with new strategies and tactics to tackle the never-seen-before scenario that cropped up during the pandemic.

    So today, in this article below, we, at the Indore Institute of Management & Research, one of the top 10 MBA colleges in Indore, will highlight the key points on how businesses across the globe have changed their management strategies to cope with the disaster.

    • The digital transformation

    As a direct consequence of the pandemic, a vast majority of the companies had to upgrade their IT strategy. A new landscape was created wherein remote working became the norm. Customers and employees embraced the online mode of business interaction and engagement, creating a flexible work environment. To overcome supply-chain interruptions, companies nowadays are increasingly adopting cloud-based services and enhancing automation by implementing technologies like AI and blockchain.

    Post Covid-19, investing in these technologies along with cybersecurity has become a top priority for the companies. And business managers have been entrusted with the responsibility to ensure that their teams are well-versed with the latest digital technologies. For long-term benefits, business managers need to make sure that their people are well equipped to adapt to these technological innovations.

    • Planning for the uncertain future

    The pandemic crisis still looms over our heads with an uncertain future. In these trying times, a crucial aspect of management is to prepare their team as well as the organization for any upcoming risks. As such, business organizations are increasingly establishing crisis response teams to identify the areas that need improvement.

    Crisis response teams enable the organizations to act more swiftly, increase the stability of business operations, and respond more effectively. Business managers and leaders throughout the world are now acknowledging the importance of strategic planning. To restore financial viability, companies have revamped their business continuity plans. Formulating debt restructuring plans, optimizing assets, liquidity requirements, and evaluating financial impacts have become the major focus points for managers in the current times.

    • Focus on physical and mental well-being

    Business managers throughout the world are now prioritizing the health, safety, and economic well-being of their workers. Maintaining a clean and safe workplace with the necessary personal protective equipment, setting up a dedicated public health rapid response team, and ensuring remote work wherever possible are some of the key strategies to combat the after-effects of the pandemic. Many companies are also launching digitized health declaration systems to track employee well-being.

    • The partnering of big corporations

    To come up with a comprehensive solution to the challenges posed by the pandemic, big companies are now partnering with each other. This also helped many corporations thrive in such a disaster. Collaborations among different sectors such as telecommunications, finance, healthcare, and the IT industry have helped ensure a broader reach to the end-users. This business management strategy has helped both the customers as well as the companies.

    All in all, we all know how, right from large companies to small startups, the coronavirus pandemic has severely affected all businesses. However, even in these situations, some companies were able to gain an advantage with the help of good management. Yes, that’s the power of having skilled managers in an organization!

    Managers help connect each employee to the organization and can totally make or break a business. No wonder, well-educated and skilled management professionals are always high in demand. You, too, can join the wagon of the most sought-after management professionals by enrolling in our business management program at the Indore Institute of Management & Research, recognized among the top 10 MBA colleges in Indore.

    At IIMR, we ensure to keep our students updated with the latest developments in business management. We firmly believe that the old strategies should be restructured to better suit the modern challenges faced post-pandemic. This is why we provide our management students with the latest industry-relevant know-how as well as the practical experience to help them prepare for the future. If you are interested in business management and want to ensure a fulfilling career, enroll in our next admission drive. We, at IIMR, are here to shape the future of our nation!

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