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  • Major Technology Trends Affecting the Engineering Industry the Most

    Technology is radically shifting, giving rise to not only innovations but a remarkable evolution of existing technologies. At Indore Institute of Science & Technology, positioned among the best engineering colleges in MP, we believe that in today’s modern world, embracing technology isn’t just optional but, in fact, it is a requirement. Engineering, as the most technically progressive domain, is growing by leaps and bounds in terms of leveraging the right technologiesto achieve potential outcomes. With the emergence of advanced technologies, industrial optimization, and continued spread of IoTs, the engineering industry is brimming with new trends and technologies that helpstreamline its processes and advance to the next level of engineering designs. So today, let us have a look here at some of the emerging trends and new technologies that are churning up the engineering domain for good.

    The Internet of Things (IoT)

    IoT devices are making an ingress everywhere, and engineering industry is no exception to it. Creation of smart designs and smart infrastructure require smart technology. From connected sensors to smart drones/devices in large engineering machinery, IoT has become part and parcel of the engineering domain to improve convenience, enhancereliability, and maximize safety. It also helps attain high precision control and automation thatprobably increases the productivity and efficiency of the sector.

    Digital Twins

    Designing and building a virtual replica of proposed physical designs is what Digital Twins helps to achieve. It is a newfound technology that makes it possible for engineers to see everything virtually even before they expend real-world resources on it. Indeed, the transformative potential of this new technology is so incredible, as it is capable of providingvirtual real-time information on the performance of projects under different circumstances.

    Artificial Intelligence (AI)

    Artificial intelligence continues to remain one of the major technologies thathave beenaffecting the design and engineering industry positively and would continue doing the same in the times to come. It has, in fact, become a necessity for modern world engineers to learn how to use artificial intelligence for enhanced performance and higher productivity. Modern engineers should know how to embrace the changes that AI is supposed to bring to the industry in the way of robotics, automation, and language processing. One of the highly applied forms of AI is the robotics that is used to complement human work in various ways in both cognitive and physical tasks. Robots today are also programmed to think independently based on AI, rather than doing repetitious pre-programmed tasks.

    3D Printings

    One of the technologies that aresignificantly transforming the way the engineering industry operates is 3D Printing technology, also known as Additive manufacturing. From 3D printed parts in aerospace to circuit boards and prototypes to isotopic printing, three-dimensional printing is incorporated into many areas of engineering for its quick and economical processing. The technology is gradually becoming a critical part of making engineering designs and is indeed changing theindustry for better. The potential for 3D printing is bound to drive more innovations in the industry, and it is the responsibility of engineers to grow and adapt to the prevailing and forthcoming changes.

    Sustainable Architecture

    Sustainability holds the key to create an environmentally positive future for the engineering industry. Creating a sustainable infrastructure with awareness for the eco-friendly environment is becoming the most significant trends in civil and architectural engineering. Apart from that, other engineering streams are also putting forth the use of sustainable engineering technologies that would bemore resource-efficient and environmentally responsible. Revolutionary technologies, such as intelligent electrical grids, smart materials, and embedded sensors, are giving engineers the needed push to innovate sustainable designs for the future.

    With the technological innovations transforming the engineering sphere, it is high time engineers are well-equipped with the knowledge and skills to adapt to the changes. This is why we, at the Indore Institute of Science & Technology, one among the top 5 engineering colleges in MP, offer the ambitious minds with various streams of engineering programs that are targeted towards imparting the learners with industry-centric sound domain knowledge and ample practical experience. At IIST, we aim to produce highly efficient and qualified engineers, who are capable of adapting to the fast-changing trends and harness the power of technology to the benefit of the industry, and we are proud of the fact that we have been successfully doing the same ever since our inception

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