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  • Role of Pharmacists in the Changing Landscape of Healthcare

    A paradigm shift in the Indian healthcare setting is on the horizon. The changing healthcare landscape demands the integration of paramedical professionals and community healthcare workers into the healthcare system to cater better to a wider section of patients. The evolving healthcare landscape requires a better understanding of collective healthcare system goals and how each member of the system can contribute to effectively meet the patient’s needs. As such, the need for highly qualified, skilled and knowledgeable healthcare professionals like pharmacists becomes integral to solving the country’s healthcare crisis.

    Integrating pharmacists into the system would add a fair share of benefit to patient care, enabling them to contribute more to positive health outcomes. Pharmacists today must, therefore, prepare to witness an impending change to their role in the healthcare system, towards becoming a more integrated member of the healthcare sector. It is, therefore, necessary for the pharmacy aspirants to understand the importance of their role in the healthcare domain.

    The crucial role of pharmacists in the healthcare industry

    The significance of pharmacists in today’s healthcare landscape is undeniable. They particularly play a key role in performing patient medication management activities. Pharmacists are positioned uniquely to oversee patient mediations, both individually and in coordination with the medical practitioners. They are required to have the ability to coordinate the medication regime of a patient, to discuss medication safety, suggest methods for taking the prescribed medications, identify and manage side effects, as well as assisting in the management of chronic health conditions. All of this makes it extremely necessary for pharmacists to be adequately trained to provide not only basic healthcare services but to be quick-to-reach healthcare professionals for recommending over-the-counter medications and remedies for treating common ailments.

    Standing “behind-the-scenes”

    Pharmacists often play a ‘behind-the-scenes’ role in the healthcare setting for managing the patient’s medication regime. They provide the necessary link between patients and prescribers by engaging with patients to discuss the proper use of prescribed drugs, the importance of medication adherence, and to identify high-risk medications, in any case. Pharmacists also play a vital role in providing appropriate alternatives to costly medications such as suggesting an interchangeable generics or providing a comparable drug within the same class in times of emergency. They also provide outreach to patients who need advice on the elimination of redundant drug therapy.

    The expanding role of pharmacists

    The role of the pharmacists in public health sector continues to transform and expand in recent years.In addition to just dispensing drugs and prescribed medications, pharmacists are expected to ensure patient safety and take on larger roles in the healthcare setting as drug educators and medical counselors. Owing to the accessibility and regular interaction with patients, pharmacists today, are in a unique position to educate patients and identify potential drug interventions early on.

    Advancements in recent technologies have greatly enabled pharmacists to collaborate and work together with other healthcare providers and institutions for the prevention and treatment of various medical conditions. The role of a pharmacist has become significant in fostering health outcomes and paving the way for the emergence of better pharmacy management strategies.

    The current healthcare landscape demands an improved patient experience and quality patient care. Therefore, the addition of pharmacists into the collaborative team-based healthcare setting is sure to improve health outcomes and performance against quality indicators and patient satisfaction.

    As the growth of the pharmaceutical industry is skyrocketing ahead, there are more diverse opportunities for pharmacists to embark on towards making a lucrative career. With industry-centric and cutting-edge pharma education, they can gain the caliber needed to thrive in the growing pharma industry. At Indore Institute of Pharmacy, a PCI approved private medical college in Indore, we understand what it takes for the students to make their mark in the global pharma sector, and have hence designed a program that enables the learners to grow into highly skilled professionals in the field of Pharmaceutical Sciences. With our state-of-the-art infrastructural facilities, well-equipped labs, and a team of eminent faculty, we, at the Indore Institute, have been delivering the highest quality of pharma education that has been aiding our pupils to become competent pharmaceutical professionals.

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