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  • Scope for Electronics and Communication Engineers after Graduation

    • December 21, 2021
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    Not only has digitalization replaced those mammoth-sized PCs with microcomputers, but the traditional wired telephones have also become a thing of the past. Now that people are living in a space-aged era where electronic equipment have become an integral part of daily lives, studying about electronic components and gadgets is evidently a better way to utilize the latest technology and modify them eventually. While there is a wide range of career options which might help you hit a purple patch career, not every industry is as promising as Electronics and Communication.

    Why Choose Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE)?

    Electronics and Communication Engineering is one ofthose fields where there is a massive scope of prospective opportunities owing to the constant advancements in the technology.And as such, inventions are a part and parcel of every individual ECE engineer. While common folks enjoy getting hold of the modern-day gadgets, only the ECE Engineers are aware of the know-how of the internal parts of the gadgets starting from 0’s & 1’s to those transistor levels. For aspirants, pursuing electronics and communication engineering is like a dream due to the multiple ranges of opportunities involved in this arena. Apart from internal growth as an ECE engineer, you can expect a wide range of job opportunities with the inclusion of continuous remuneration and industry growth.

    Career Opportunities in Electronics and Communication Engineering

    If you wish to venture into this industry and are wondering about the job prospects involved, here’s presenting an in-depth view of the many prospects of partaking Electronics and Communication Engineering:

    • Electronic Service Engineer

    This field involves engineers in utilizing computer software programs, visual cues, diagnostic tools through which they conduct scheduled or routine inspections of different machines as well as equipment. Testing components include the technique of measuring devices (like multimeters) which helps in determining whether or not any part is faulty. With the advanced knowledge, an Electronic Service Engineer is capable of implementing modern technology while troubleshooting any error. He/she also ensures smooth operation of the machinery and equipment by cleaning, installing, or replacing parts.

    • Network Planning Manager

    A Network Planning Manager helps in developing, planning, and incorporating the overall strategy to reach the ultimate goal of the network system of any organization. An expert in this field would be capable of evaluating and recommending changes to the current as well as the future network requirements in order to meet the company’s demands. Being a Network Planning Manager also means subordinating staffs in the daily performance and ensuring that the project or departmental goals are met with approved budgets.

    • Communications Engineer

    Communication engineers are responsible for the design, research, production, as well as development of communications systems and equipment. It is also the Communications Engineer’s responsibility to manage and monitor the performance of the team of planners. Not only does he/she undertake site surveys, but a Communications Engineer also creates test procedures and produces disaster management plans. Liaising with customers and suppliers depends highly on the loquaciousness of a Communication Engineer.

    • Research and Development Engineer

    A research and development engineer conducts research as well as development activities for the organization. Not only does he/she applies research theories, models, and principles while conducting experiments or the research activities but also summarizes the research results which are then communicated for the findings of internal as well as external bodies. The job profile of a research and development engineer also includes ensuring that the projects remain within the budget and other constraints.

    We, at the Indore Institute of Science and Technology, one among the top 5 engineering colleges in Indore, offer a 4 year B.E. as well as a 2 years M.E. program in Electronics and Communications. As the students advance through the course, more and more focus is laid on polishing their critical thinking and problem-solving skills while also endowing them with the detailed knowledge about the ECE field, which we believe is extremely necessary to thrive and grow in the highly competitive times of today.

    Students at IIST are made to participate in various workshops, expert talks and training programs on recent trends in Electronics and Communication Engineering which are conducted at the institute in collaboration with industry experts. Besides, the students of our ECE branch get to do their internships at renowned organizations like BSNL, RRCAT etc. where they learn a lot about the real industry practices and standards. We are proud to state that most of our alumni have been hired by the top organizations in India as well as abroad, and we are positive that the students of all our upcoming batches will keep gaining more and more from the expanded opportunity horizons in the arena.

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