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  • Skill-Oriented Education can boost the Employability of the Nation’s Youth

    ‘Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit. Proficiency is, not putting it in a fruit salad.” – Anonymous

    The statement above beautifully defines the fine line between knowledge-based learning and skill-based learning. However, a thing to understand here is that this fine line can make a huge difference when it comes to presenting an employee’s expertise and capabilities. The twenty-first-century professional world significantly values and demands an equivalent proportion of pragmatic skills along with theoretical knowledge. In fact, employers of today offer higher preference to young talents who are more familiar to the underways, trends, etiquettes, and culture of the workplace environment that they are about to become a part of. Organizations expect young aspirants to be polished and prepared to a certain extent when it comes to their proficiencies, aptitudes, and innate abilities, and this is precisely where the significant role of skill-based education comes into play.

    An Insight into the Concept of Skill-Oriented Education

    Important research performed by the NTL demonstrates that learners who receive skill-based training tend to memorize more successfully. This is because they can use practical and constructive skills as live examples to access, process, and express their knowledge and awareness about the subject. A set of flexible skillsets offers learners the sheer capability to manage, adjust, and cope with the evolving or uncertain industry scenarios in the future, which is a crucial quality that every next-generation aspirant require to thrive in today’s and upcoming business platform, or any other field.

    The impartation style of skill-based education is quite different than that of how knowledge-based education works. Here, educators tend to pass on the valuable, practical knowledge and insights that they have acquired through the years, and thus you will notice, the institutions that offer skill-based education treasure faculty talents who are industry experienced. Skill-based education offers a learning environment where thinking skills, independence, analyzing techniques, collaboration, and active learning are cultivated and developed at their best along with the growth of scholastic knowledge. There are certain teaching tactics and pedagogies that are used for skill-oriented training and these aspects play a major role in preparing students for the real-world industry and help them transform into actual professionals in a more swift and fluent way attracting lucrative opportunities for them when they enter the corporate world.

    How Skill-Orientated Education Enhances the Employability of the Youth?

    Skill-orientated education and youth employability are two factors that are directly proportional to each other. So, the higher the quality of skill-based training, the more is the chances of employability. The first thing to look at in order to justify the statement is the trend of jobs in modern times. ‘Innovation’ is the new language that the modern industry is speaking, and the organizations today require inventive and creative minds who are capable of transferring airy thoughts and ideas into constructive realities, for which practical skills is the foremost thing that is required. There is also a massive requirement for young professionals who are capable of adapting to constantly and rapidly changing industry environments which cannot be made possible without the help of a strong foundation of knowledge and hands-on or applied proficiency. In a nutshell, corporates and organizations of today require market-ready talents prepared for a larger competitive world on a global level and not just for domestic requirements, which can be achieved only by providing the students with skill-based, practical-oriented knowledge.

    Not only that, but there is also consistent emergence of newly created jobs and career options today, the requirements of which are highly skill-oriented. Profiles like those of a mobile app developer, marketing manager, advertising director, pharmacy technician, public relations specialist, design engineer, etc., are some of the top examples from diverse career fields that worship the power of innovation. As such, the most effective way to prepare today’s youngsters for these interesting and rewarding job profiles is by offering them skill-oriented education.

    The nation’s government and education experts are working as a federal force to introduce and implement skill-based education more powerfully in the nation for the betterment of the youth. An institution that is recognized for producing the finest and most skilled professionals of all times, who are zealously and dedicatedly contributing to the current industries in several fields today, is none other than the Indore Institute. With industry-experienced faculty, state-of-the-art learning methodologies, world-class infrastructure, and robustly designed program curriculums focused on practical training, we, at Indore Institute, have been equipping the young minds with the insights and dexterity that they need to flourish in today’s competitive environment. We, at Indore Institute, proudly rank among the Best Colleges in MP, look forward to taking this noble venture to a much higher level in the future with the cooperation and enthusiasm of more young and ambitious minds from across the nation.

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