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  • Skills Upgradation is Vital to Raise Your Employability Quotient in the Post Pandemic World

    • November 27, 2020
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    Getting the right job at the right time is the key to your success. But to be ready for the right job is most important. Why we are saying so is because the selection for the best jobs not only depends on your qualification and grades but also your time-relevant skills.As you know, technology keeps on changing over time. Thus it’s no surprise that even the requirement of the corporate sector changes from time to time. The most demanded skills and expertise of the last decade are now considered obsolete. Hence, it is extremely important that a candidate seeking a good career also focuses on skill development.

    This is particularly important since the coronavirus pandemic has changed the business operations dramatically. Remote working has now become the order of the day. Most of the giant corporations are now extending remote working offers to their managers and other employees. While it seems a convenient mode of working, it requires the employees to be conversant with the latest technical know-how. This is the prime reason why we, at the Indore Institute of Science and Technology, recognized among the Best Engineering Colleges in MP, always emphasize on providing our students with the utmost technical proficiency and tech skill training. This helps to ensure better employability prospects for all our graduates and postgraduates.

    If you want to fit into the job opportunities that the post-pandemic world will offer, here are some of the technical skills you need to master. The global pattern of working has changed, and this skill up-gradation would ensure your place in the front row of the employees for sure.

    Learn Data Analysis

    Data is the one thing that is ruling the market today. Every employer looks for people who can manage Big Data implementing the latest AI-run algorithms for impeccable predictions and planning. Learn Big Data analysis and enhance your employment chances in the post COVID world where data would be the primary source for working.

    Handling big data is a complex task. However, it is a must to figure out correlations between market parameters on which further decision making for the business growth depends. Keeping the same in mind, we at IIST, have integrated a special training course for all our students in data analysis at our institute.

    Hone Social Media Skills

    Social media marketing strategies are indispensable for every business house to stay afloat during the post-pandemic era. Therefore, every entrepreneur in the post-pandemic time would be looking for people with social media management skills. More than the brick and mortar business houses, e-commerce platforms are emerging as the demand of the day, and that further emphasizes the need for social media skills.

    With the COVID pandemic restricting people worldwide, every business relies on online platforms these days. Hence, honing social media marketing skills would mean that an employee could develop marketing strategies effectively for an enterprise. Hence, this surely would enhance the employability quotient of any aspirant.

    Master the Art of Information Security

    While millions of data units are getting rotated across the global platforms and servers, the security of the same is becoming a question day by day. With the increasing number of cybercrimes and thefts, business houses are now looking for people capable of ensuring the safety of data.

    As the post-COVID world would witness more data-centric operations, it is imperative that the interest of the employers would concentrate on the skilled professionals, who know all about data handling and protection. This drives IIST to integrate data protection methodologies as a crucial part of our main curriculum to prep up our students to make their mark in the future professional world. This move of ours has earned IIST a lot of recognition in the education world, and the institute is today ranked among the best engineering colleges in MP.

    Along with the skills mentioned above, domain-specific tech skills are also important to enhance your employability quotient in the post COVID era.  The need is to understand that the pandemic is sure to subside one day, but now is the time to get geared with the necessary skills to match the global requirements of the pandemic-free world.

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