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  • The Need for Career Oriented Programs for the Youth of the Nation

    Optimal utilization of human resources can bring prosperity to any country. No matter the extent of India’s population, the same can always be deployed to make the future of the nation brighter, stronger, and more prosperous. The young crowd of the population always remains the backbone of any nation. Be it China, Europe, or the USA, the pace of their progress always got accelerated when the younger people became more effective in contributing to the GDP of the countries. India, too, can rise as one of the global leaders in the times to come if the youth today receives contextual, relevant, and career-oriented development programs.

    As far as the census data is concerned, the same reveals the astounding fact that our nation accounts for more than 75% of young people in the crowd. Hence, it would be wise to channelize this young crowd’s enormous potential into productive works to add to India’s GDP and overall growth. No one can deny that youth is the driving force of any nation. And this is why we, at the Indore Institute of Science Technology, recognized among the top private engineering colleges in mp, believe that with a professionally and optimally equipped young crowd, India can shine brighter in the global arena, substantiating itself as one of the countries with high performance and a staggering GDP. However, for that to happen, the country would need to focus more on career-specific programs for the youth of our nation. Streamlined below are a few of the reasons why w, at IIST, always emphasize the need for career-oriented programs.

    Economic Prosperity

    Economic prosperity remains closely related to plenty of aspects, of which the effective contribution of human resources is one of the most significant ones. Be it increasing GDP, uplifting poverty, controlling the BPL margin, or checking inflation, optimal use of human resources can be a source of improvement for all of these and more.

    However, with the changing global standards, the ways of working have changed dramatically. Hence, to keep pace with the global technology and its ways of working, the youth today must be given time-relevant and meaningful training to make them adequately skilled and efficient in managing the operations the current world runs on. Career-oriented training programs aim to offer task-specific skills that do not make an individual a jack of all trades and master of none.

    To bring about sustainable and meaningful change in the economy, we need focused, adequately trained, efficient, and skilled professionals, which career-oriented programs promise to deliver.

    Global Linkage

    Progress is not registered only when the national income effectively goes up. Instead, the foreign exchange, too, has a profound impact on the overall performance of an economy. With a career-focused development program, any youth today can acquire the required amount of efficiency and skill that is regarded as sufficient to establish global links either by running businesses across the borders or finding job opportunities worldwide.

    Adapting to the advancements taking place across the globe is surely one way to make the training and development programs more career-specific. With such progressive and inclusive programs, today’s youth can deliver results capable of taking the nation to the top in the future.  No matter if the overall development of the nation is what you are looking at or a personal level of success is on your mind, a career-specific program remains a need for the day either way.

    We, at the Indore Institute of Science & Technology, recognized among the Top 10 Engineering Colleges in MP, serving the young aspirants for years now with a commitment to inspire, motivate, and train them adequately to widen their expanse of opportunities. Be it our progressive curriculum, out of the box teaching techniques, or technology integrated learning environment, we keep the ambiance interactive enough to encourage the curiosity of every student here. We, at IIST, are pledged to make the nation more prosperous in the coming times by providing our youth with results-driven career-oriented programs that can bring them the best of opportunities from all over the world.

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