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  • The Primary Objectives of Human Resource Management

    Recruitment has always remained the backbone of any organization. If the workforce is efficient and enthusiastic, the work done is certainly of excellent quality. Human resource management is the one domain that remains end-to-end responsible for such a specialty act, and it also ensures the seamless flow of a competent and progressive workforce. However, the scope of human resource does not remain restricted to recruitment alone. Some other dimensions like taking care of the payrolls, looking after the employment hygiene factors, and paying attention to the employee concerns are also integral to the totality of this domain. Every single organization depends on a functional HRM to ensure the best productivity and healthy work environment, which makes human resource management one of the most demanded and vital elements in the job market. Following are some of the objectives of this domain that are inherent to the system.

    Personal Objective

    Human resource management is a department that comes forward when employees express the need of being heard and cared for. Any enterprise, big or small, generally face times of hardships related to employee issues, and HRM takes prompt initiatives to overcome such issues and establish discipline and decorum. Employee grievances, if not heard with attention and dealt with expertise, may lead to severe loss in productivity and operational efficiency. Hence, HRM acts as a means to secure a healthy working environment by providing motivation and solutions to the employees.

    Societal Objective

    Corporate social responsibility is a fresh term round the corner, which refers to the responsibilities that we all have towards the society. MNCs, big corporates, and even the small enterprises are of late organizing several CSR activities to strengthen the bonds between the industry and the society at large. Human resource wing of every organization takes all the responsibilities to get the events done to allow the organization to breathe fresh away from the day-to-day business intricacies and amidst positive vibes of people. It is an ethical as well as a humane way to take away all the fatigue that employees gather through the hectic schedules of work. This objective also encompasses equal treatment of every employee within office premises regardless of caste, creed, gender, and designation. An egalitarian approach to the workplace is what keeps the environment productive and thriving.

    Organizational Objective

    As already mentioned, HRM is the department that is responsible for hiring and maintaining the pool of employees working for an organization. If operational superiority of the enterprise in concern has to be maintained, the HRM has to make effective recruitments with minimum possible attrition and efficient workforce. HRM can thus be best defined as the strongest support system any organization could ever have. The growth and progress of any enterprise depend directly on the efficacy of the HRM segment.

    Functional Objective

    It has to be kept in mind that recruitment comes at some cost to the organization. When someone is hired by the HRM, the department also has to ensure optimum use of the resource so that no wastage occurs. HRM always keeps a track of the requirements of the enterprise and delivers the recruitments accordingly. If the need of the organization is not met by the recruited resources, it would only add up to causing financial loss to the organization.

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