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  • The Significance of Practical Learning and its Connection with Employability

    Tell me, and I forget, teach me, and I may remember, involve me and I learn. – Benjamin Franklin

    This is how the human brain tends to function. A very crisp and simple example would be how children at school are often instructed by educators to correct an error by writing it down practically on the notebook. Any task or concept that is practiced in real by a learner gets retained in his/her memory for much longer than it would be if taught verbally about the same. The current industry is turning out to be more and more competitive and expanding in terms of growth, scopes, business settings, and paradigms, and demands a talent pool that possesses the skills beyond rote knowledge and proficiency. This is precisely where the role of practical learning and exposure to real-world tasks gains significance.

    Employers are looking out for talents who can add value

    Corporate bodies and organizations have shifted their perspectives in recent years when it comes to recruiting criterions. The twenty-first-century employers are in search of fresh, young professionals who possess a fundamental idea about how things work out in the real-world industry, comprehend the basics of the responsibility, are familiar with the trading tactics in the field, and above all are able to contribute value and worth to the organization. Organizational heads and junior employees work as a federal force nowadays, and all of them are allowed to take the lead if they are evaluated to be capable enough when it comes to the attainment of any company goal, contributing innovative ideas, or completing any research or project. Democratic leadership and team leadership are some of the most dominant trends of the modern day business industry, and this is exactly where the worth of practical knowledge comes into the picture.

    Practical learning – A prominent part of modern education

    Experiential learning, industry projects, field trips, and researches are a significant facet of today’s program curriculums. Practical education adds a competitive edge to every learner, equipping them with market-ready skills such as communication, teamwork, problem-solving, initiative and enterprise, planning and organizing, self-management, technical proficiency, and more. These skills are inevitable when it comes to attracting opportunities and attaining the attention of top recruiters in the industry. It is essential to understand that indeed it is not possible for a single individual to attain all the knowledge about everything. But the qualities that matter in today’s time to attain employability nowadays includes the candidate’s pace of learning, his/her will and zeal to pick up a skill, the level of confidence he/she carries throughout the performance, and if he/she would be a valuable resource to other organization.‘Rome was not built in a day.’ It takes a while for these qualities to be truly achieved. Hence incorporating practical or experiential training in educational degree programs is one of the finest and most effective ways to help young minds make themselves capable of attracting lucrative career opportunities. Not only that, a strong base of academic and non-academic knowledge can open up pathways for further growth and promotion in their career lives helping them make the most out of the attained opportunities.

    Hence, as per the evaluation of the present century market scenario, employabilityshall automatically follow if the skills of graduates are improved. The foremost step to meet the altering and advancing expectations of the demanding twenty-first-century industry is to balance effectively between knowledge and proficiency. Today’s young aspirants require to be prepared for any and every scenario imposed by the industry and treasure the ability to effectively overcome challenges. The Indore Institute of Science and Technology, ranked among the Top 10 Private Engineering Colleges in MP, has been known for years to produce such professionals who stand as backbones for the giant corporates today. We are honored to be one of the few institutions in the nation who dedicatedly focus on offering high-quality experiential and practical training to students, along with world-class learning environment, facilities, and dedicated guidance from the industry-experienced faculty team. Begin your venture from the Indore Institute campus to unleash the brightest side of your future.

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