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  • The Top 8 Pharmaceutical Companies in the World

    As a leading sector in the global economy, the Pharmaceutical domain forms the backbone of medical research, development of drugs, and supplying the healthcare industry with vital lifesaving products. The Pharmaceutical Industry today is one of the most diverse sectors that require the services of professionals with specialization in subjects across a broad spectrum. With over four million employees all over the globe and a net worth of over hundreds of billion dollars in the market, the pharmaceutical industry has become a lucrative option for aspiring professionals in the field.

    But as you know, in order to achieve a target, it is very important that your goal is clear to you. This is why for the students pursuing their education in the pharma stream or even for those aspiring to make a career in the growing pharma industry,it is essential that they know about the top trending companies in the sphere so that they have their target crystal clear in front of them.Hence, we at the Indore Institute of Pharmacy, have compiled here a list of the leading pharmaceutical companies across the world so that our students get to know about them and can set their goals accordingly.

    • Pfizer:Rated as the world’s largest multinational pharmaceutical industry in 2018, Pfizer is a research-based industry that specializes in producing effective drugs in rare areas such as neuroscience, oncology, immunology and other atypical diseases. The total net worth of the company is rated at 52.5 billion dollars approximately with its central headquarters in Connecticut, USA.
    • Roche: With a net worth of 44.3 billion dollars, it is the second largest among the top pharmaceutical companies in the world. This Swiss company holds an impressive status for manufacturing the top three drugs used to cure cancer among various rare fields of biological science. With an impressive annual growth of 12.3 percent, employment in such a company holds immense value and status for the prospective employee.
    • Sanofi: Following up the top two on the list is Sanofi, a French-based multinational company that deals with research, development, and production of rare drugs like insulin, anticoagulant, and medicines that are used to treat multiple sclerosis among other various drugs. With a net worth of over 36.6 billion US dollars, this pharmaceutical company has also featured on the list of the Top Multinational Performers published by Forbes.
    • Johnson & Johnson: This is a name we all are familiar with so extensively that many of our household antiseptics, soaps, and other hygiene items have this brand name on it. With a company that is still standing even after 130 years in production with a plethora of best-selling drugs and everyday medical household items, it holds an excellent opportunity for graduates in the field of pharmacy. The net value of the company stands at around 36.3 billion dollars and it has recently acquired the biopharmaceutical company Actelion into its folds as well.
    • Merck & Co.:Securing the fifth rank among the top pharmacy industries, Merck, also known as MSD, is involved in extensive research, development, and production of drugs used to treat obscure illnesses in areas such as cardiovascular, endocrinology, oncology, and other rare diseases. The company is estimated to hold a value of 35.4 billion dollars in the current market and offers excellent opportunities for employment.
    • Novartis:Headquartered in Switzerland withamarket value of 33 billion dollars, Novartis is a prominent member of the top ten list of pharmaceutical companies. This pharmaceutical giant specializes in a wide variety and range of products in the field of respiratory, neuroscience, dermatology, oncology, and many others. The combination of its net worth and annual growth rate makes it a perfect starting ground for a bright career.
    • AbbVie: It is a prominent American pharmaceutical company that has made it in the list of top 10 in 2017 and 2018 in a row and with good reasons. AbbVie has a solid grip on manufacturing the state of the art drugs that are used for rare diseases like cancer, severe atopic dermatitis amongst many other diseases. With a value of 28.2 billion, it stands at the apex of the industry with its continued breakthrough in research and development of new drugs.
    • Gilead Sciences: Based in California, USA, Gilead is a leading research-based biopharmaceutical company with a market value standing at 25.6 billion US dollars. This multinational pharma giant has claimed a profoundly historical success in the realm of HIV / AIDS and Hepatitis infections. Currently, among the top leaders in the department of obscure and untreatable diseases, Gilead has spread out all across the globe with its groundbreaking products.

    Pharmacy industry is sure of vital significance, and it’s not only owing to its value in saving and improving health but also because it is one of the biggest contributors to the national economy. The breakthroughs in healthcare thatwe see today are also largely due to the research efforts carried out in the pharmaceutical realm, whichhave gone a long way to help us live better lives.

    But we can’t ignore the fact that to keep up with the rising demands, the pharma industry too needs professionals who are skilled and relevantly educated. We, at the Indore Institute of Pharmacy, a PCI approved pharmacy colleges in Indore,provide our students with such industry-centric, practical-based education that helps them aptly understand the needs of the industry and work accordingly. With the state-of-the-art facilities, well-equipped laboratories, and experienced teachers, we are certain that each of our pupils will be able to not only meet but exceed the industry expectations.

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