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  • The Top Engineering Trends that are strengthening our Digital Framework

    Technology, in today’s world, plays a huge part in our lives. Everything from our work and transportation to the process of socialization today requires the use of technology developed by capable engineers and designers. The trends of rapidly growing technology dominate our life and also influence an unprecedented change in the way engineers develop and assimilate new techniques to achieve their goals.

    Information Technology has set new standards in the field of engineering and, therefore, we at Indore Institute of Science and Technology aim to educate the aspiring engineers on the positive trends that can strengthen our digital framework. It is essential to know about both Quality Assurance and Quality Engineering that can help our students develop the basics to achieve their objectives of digital transformation. A few among those have been listed below for reference:

    Assisted and Virtual Reality: It is one of the most recent developments in the field of digital technology, and the implication it has in the field of engineering is far-reaching. Trends have shown that engineers now review and test the technology they create through assisted and virtual reality for mapping efficiency and testing the utility of the projects. It has a vast number of uses in the field of mechanical, construction, and IT engineering. Other fields in engineering are also readily adopting the VR technology in developmental projects before pooling in the resources in real-time.

    Artificial and Assistive Intelligence: Though the concept has been around for many years, it was yet to be implemented in the field. AI today has become popular in the field of engineering for many reasons. Firstly, it eliminates the probability of human errors and prevents catastrophic failures that may occur. Secondly, assistive intelligence helps the engineers to keep a proper catalog of the intricate technological details and help in efficiently calculating the outcomes of the projects they undertake. Specifically designed AI can also help in controlling delicate machinery that performs the vital task of manufacturing complex technological equipment through automation.

    Assisted Transportation: Though such technology is still at its infancy, yet the implications cannot be ignored especially in large engineering firms that help in the development and manufacture of heavy technological equipment. Such industry requires careful transportation and zero errors especially during assembly of huge machinery. Automated and assisted transportation can help engineers achieve such goals. This technology is mainly used in Aviation industries and heavy duty machinery construction as prototypes require careful testing and transportation. Therefore, assisted transportation has become another important link in the chain of a digital framework used by engineers.

    Robotics: With the development of artificial and assisted intelligence, it was evident that a hard shell would be required for the digital framework used by engineers to further assist them in their work. Thus Robotics was developed. Today, almost all the modern factories are automated with programmable CNC and robotic machines that have paced up the process of development and production. Even though robotics is a physical technology, the digital frameworks that engineers use to control such modern equipment have opened the doors to many new applications across all kinds of fields.

    Blockchain Technology: Originally developed by Satoshi Nakamoto, the Blockchain technology is an ingenious invention that consolidates the digital framework and made it secure. It allows information to be readily shared across platforms but not copied and was originally intended for virtual currency. Today, many engineering firms use this technology to securely share both technological and financial data that helps in the process of research and development and prevent any leaks of information on sensitive technology.

    Cloud Computing: Another form of digital framework that is being assimilated into the field of engineering is Cloud Computing. It is especially prevalent in the IT engineering industry but is now being adopted across all the sectors. It is not only used to store vital information that is immune from mechanical and system failures but is also a way of securely sharing data and creating and modifying software that are both programmable and can run faster.

    Digital technology today plays a huge part in creating new trends in the engineering arena that can greatly improve the work that engineers do. It plays a big role in the development of new hardware and software that such professionals can use to create further improvements and bring about ease of working in the digital sphere. We, at Indore Institute of Science and Technology, recognized as one of the best engineering colleges in Indore, understand the importance of such a fact and help our students to assimilate to such changes by providing them with an updated and interactive curriculum and pedagogy. With the help of a premium faculty, we cover such basics that can help our students to find success in their respective fields of engineering and contribute further towards the advancement of our society. The technology that we indulge in today would not have been possible without such engineers who innovate ceaselessly to create breakthroughs that help in strengthening the current framework of digital technology, thus, ushering in a bright future for everyone.

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