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  • Top 3 Skills That Every 21st Century Manager Needs

    ‘Fit no stereotypes. Don’t chase the latest management fads. The situation dictates which approach best accomplishes the team’s mission.’ As stated by Colin Powell, the renowned American political personality, the former Secretary of State from the United States, the modern corporate atmosphere is more volatile, progressing, and fluctuating than ever before. As the business landscape continues to unfold and evolve, the face of management is also remarkably advancing, leaving trails of footprints for emerging leaders in the management world.

    Management can be considered as one of the fastest-growing segments in the twenty-first-century businesses today. This inevitable revolution in the air of the administrative sector on a global level requires professionals who can reach beyond establishing a sense of leadership, value, and elegance in the work atmosphere. If you are an ambitious mind looking to make a remarkable career in business management, take note of the following skills, which shall serve as your keystone to success.

    # Embracing digitalization & the power of technology

    Technology is one of the most powerful entities that have brought about revolutionary changes and drastic developments in workplace culture today. Its role is much more imperative when it comes to the domain of management and administration. Hence, if considering the leading skills that the next-generation managerial professionals must possess, being tech-savvy surely has its spot listed right at the top.

    Digitalization has significantly evolved how management professionals have been working over the years. From simplifying data, offering a visual and relevant representation of obtained data, to adding accuracy and speed in recruiting, technology has seeped into the ins and outs of management and has thus emerged as a top skill for the new league of management professionals to possess.

    # Global and cultural awareness

    In the modern landscape of business, collaboration is the key to successful management. Today’s organizations are significantly into high-end networking, establishing international partnerships, exchanging know-how with related companies, and beyond. Besides, twenty-first-century corporate culture is more dynamic than ever before. A substantial percentage of young professionals travel to foreign cities and nations to pursue a career which has made career migration or relocation a prominent trend in today’s time. Modern business organizations consequently expect cultural and global understanding to be ingrained expertise when it comes to their future workforces.

    # Flexible approach towards evolving industrial landscapes

    ‘The only thing that is constant is change.’ The twenty-first century is certainly considered the most revolutionary era in the history of time that has brought more innovation into light than ever before.With the changing faces of technology and innovation, the emergence of new trends and paradigms in the business field is inevitable, which requires new players in the field of management to be adaptable to incalculable scenarios. Embracing new technologies, opening up to fresh sources for ideas, constantly upgrading existing management skills, experimenting new managerial strategies, switching to new approaches for people management are some of the ways to propel into the futuristic managerial realm. As such, having skills like agility and resilience shall only lead management professionals to higher attainments in the long-run, irrespective of any emerging scenarios.

    Management, as the lifeline of today’s highly competitive and ever-advancing business world, is magnetizing young and innovative minds with dexterities that shall serve a long-term purpose for organizations, add value to workplace culture, and aid enterprises in attaining a competitive stand in the global market. Known for producing such professionals, the Indore Institute of Management & Research (IIMR) have come a long way providing the business industry with the best of talents having the exact skills that are imperative to thrive and succeed.

    We, at IIMR, one among the top management colleges in MP, aim to shape our pupils into market-ready talents with zero skill gaps, sharpen perceptions, and a strong competitive edge to enable them to meet the expectations of giant brand recruiters. Our training approach combines scholastic as well as non-scholastic business education practices that involve imparting know-how on global perceptions& economy, industry-relevant technologies, and cultural diversity. Students are polished on their communication and people skills, which aids a lot in their overall personality development.

    To experience world-class education in management and unleash your real potentials, we are glad to welcome you to begin your journey of success from the Indore Institute of Management & Research.

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