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  • Top 5 Civil Engineering Trends That Are Here to Stay

    • September 22, 2019
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    Engineering has always been one of the streams that have offered bright career opportunities to the aspirants. Though modern engineering studies have a lot of disciplines included into its periphery, civil engineering is one of the first few with which the engineering was introduced to the education arena.

    With advancement and technology, every sphere of studies has gone under a dramatic change in approach and application. Engineering too has managed to adapt to the changing educational environment. Some trends are making a substantial impact on the civil engineering studies these days and are expected to remain in the market in the coming years as well. Here are few such technologies and trends that have significantly influenced the workings in the civil engineering domain and are being predicted to stay here for long.

    Green Technology

    The world today has become more conscious about sustainability and eco-friendly operations that nurture the well being of nature without hindering the technical progress. Civil engineering too has not escaped this trend. Most of the constructions are now getting done in an eco-friendly manner with the help of green technology. It helps in developing plans, designs, and undertaking tasks of demolition, maintenance etc. in an environmentally responsible manner. Implementation of this technology also ensures resource-efficiency at every level.

    The population is showing a steady upward growth, and the construction is losing pace in keeping up with the expansion. Hence, introduction of this technology seems to be of long term utility as it promotes construction of environment-friendly buildings capable of enduring long term wear and tear.

    Prefabricated Construction Projects

    Prefabricated and modular construction is the next trend in the queue, which is likely to stay in the market in the future as well. The advantage of modular contraction is the price competitiveness that it offers. Most of the people are opting for itowing to the rates at which modular constructions are becoming available in the market. Many hotel projects, office projects, and residential projects are giving high preference to modular construction owing to the enhanced look they offer and that too, at highly competitive rates. Besides saving the money, prefabricated constructions also save the time involved in the construction work.

    Better Equipment for Safety

    Technology not only offers its innovations to the primary industries but also caters its benefits to the ancillaries. Safety has always remained a primary concern forthe construction industry. The latest safety gears like Wi-Fi connected smart boots, fall protection belts, andmodern safety gears are making the work procedures at construction sites easier and safer. This trend of using well-equipped gears would continue in the years to come as well.

    Project Management Software

    Handling multiple construction sites at the same time has always remained a hurdle for site managers. With developed and well-programmed software solutions taking care of the site work schedules and performances with detailed reports on efficiency and productivity, simultaneous management of multiple sites has become much easier than ever before.

    BIM or Building Information Modeling

    BIM is another tool that is likely to gain more importance in the future. It allows the engineers to have a prior look at the intendedconstruction way before the actual structure is made. BIM becomes operative with the help of computer programs that help in presenting a layout of the proposed design to judge its stability and effectiveness. As it allows the builders to foresee the capacity and merits of their construction, it is sure to survive the test of time with the other trends.

    We, at Indore Institute of Science & Technology, positioned among the top civil engineering colleges in MP, aim to make each civil engineering student of ours seasoned with skills that are regarded important in the contemporary global market.  Besides the regular classroom education, we also ensure that each of our pupils receivesthorough hands-on training on the latest technologies and advancements which are going to be instrumental in the civil engineering field in the years to come. We, at IIST, have received lots of appreciation from the student and parent fraternity for our visionary decisions regarding the inclusion of the latest ideas and techniques within the curriculum. We are indeed proud of the fact that our approaches have resulted in the massive success of ouralumni in their job selection processes with leading organizations in the nation and abroad.

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