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  • Top 5 Engineering Trends to Look For in 2020

    ‘Engineering’, perhaps has long been perceived as one of the most fascinating, challenging, and lucrative arenas. However, in recent years, the industry has been reflecting the strong emergence of extraordinary innovation. It is not far from true that the term engineering has at all times impregnated minds with concepts and roles interlaced with the manufacturing and industrial world. But if you take a slightly deeper look, the groundbreaking industrial trends are shaping the landscape of engineering in an entirely different pattern adding more innovative dimensions. To that end, the year 2020 is, in fact, being considered as one of the most interesting time periods that is likely to bring forth some revolutionary innovations in the history of engineering tends. Here are some of the breakthroughs that will set your mind for an expedition:

    #5.2020 will redefine Cybersecurity

    Cybersecurity is one of the prime areas to look out for when it comes to the most sought-after trends in the year 2020. The highly advancing cyberspace has always had its feet on both advantages and limitations. However, the level of cyber threats has been booming in blazing speed in recent years, and this is likely to give birth to new cyber protection technologies and cybersecurity innovations.

    #4.Energy sustainable engineering

    The green or sustainable approach in architecture and engineering has already made its way in the past few years. Recent research in EIA predicts how the utility-percentage of renewable energies, as well as wind, hydropower, and solar energies, shall be generating about 19% electrical power in 2020. Grid party, artificial intelligence, advanced batteries, energy storage systems, distributed energy resources (DER) are some of the top sustainable engineering trends to look forward to in 2020.

    #3.AR, VR&MR

    Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Mixed Reality are the new powerful trends that are aiding architects, engineers, and the building planners to interact much more efficiently than ever before and bring in innovative concepts into the light. These high-end technologies are making 3D modeling, BIM visualization,and pre-building schemes much more precise and simple to grasp. These trends are mainly influencing the industry of civil engineering and architecture.

    #2. Will electric cars actually hit the road? – 2020 says yes!

    This is a powerful tech and engineering trend that shall take over the year 2020. As per experts, electric cars are to become the heart of the automotive industry as soon as they hit the market. 2020 is going to introduce some groundbreaking models, equipped with the most outstanding features like autonomous driving, charging system, electrical planes, and solar-power mechanism.

    #1. IoT – Firm foundation for heightened performance-metrics for organizations

    IoT is setting new paradigms in ways of device and technological equipment usage and implementation, which is booming the overall productivity of organizations by a substantial percentage (almost by 50 to 60 percent). Smart devices, along with IoT, are raising the performance graph of enterprises when it comes to customer support, product designing, in-house communication, and routine management.

    Engineering is a profession that requires its pursuers to remain updated with the latest technologies and trends reigning the market. Looking at the advancing ties, it is indeed imperative that the outlooks, approaches, insights, and values of the next-generation engineering professionals align well with the contemporary practices and norms of engineering and architecture. Today, engineering is not merely a rewarding profession but has become more of essentiality for humankind and modern-day survival.

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