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  • TOP HIRING TRENDS IN MARKETING-Evolving Marketing Skill Set

    Dr. Pooja Srivastava, Associate Professor, IIMR


    “Marketing’s job is never done. It’s about perpetual motion. We must continue to innovate every day”. – Beth Comstock, Former CMO & Vice Chair, GE

    Today in every business Change is the primary fact. And the capability to master and exploit change has become one of the most preferred management skills. This is predominantly factual in marketing, where the very pace of change is persistently hastening. The continuous innovations are demanded in marketing jobs. Moreover, trends for Marketing specialized graduates are shifting at an extremely fast pace.

    With quickening change happening in the marketing industry and current economic conditions, management graduates need to strive for showcasing higher end skills in their resumes. Employers are valuing those talents who are continually up skilling and are aware of marketing hiring trends.

    The unvarying progression of introduction of AI, digital marketing, data sciences, marketing analytics and new technologies along with emergence of extremely personalized customer experiences is day on day creating new career opportunities for fresh marketing graduates and also invariably for seasoned marketers.

    The B-schools are recognizing the need of incorporating industry demanded skills into their curriculum and teaching pedagogies in order to enhance value to recruiters.

    B-schools and Graduates watch out for creating panache for top skills of hottest trending marketing jobs of 2020-2021. The in-demanded skill set will be –

    #Skill Set 1

    Marketing Data Scientist

    As businesses continue to leverage digital data and AI to ascertain ROI, Demand for data scientists will be raising post 2020. Data scientists will disrupt the world of marketing serving as a key to enhancing critical areas of digital like SEO, SEM, Real-Time Marketing Campaigns and Customer Engagement. The top skills demanded under this would be-

    Top Skills

    • Strong internet marketing data analysis skills
    • Statistical or machine learning-based predictive modeling
    • Scripting Languages
    • Strong Communication Skills

    #Skill Set 2

    Market Research Analyst

    Certain marketing jobs are growing faster than others and one such is of Market Research Analyst. As due to pandemic Covid 19 tracking market growth, customer retention and business acquisition will be trending more now, because the product lines, service profitability and product offerings would be targets. The top skills demanded under this would be-

    Top Skills

    • Strong Data mining techniques
    • Strong acumen for business intelligence
    • Strong Mathematical skills
    • Strong information technology skills

    #Skill Set 3

    Content Creator and Content Marketers

    Digital marketing is here to stay. As the internet has enabled businesses to interact with targeted audiences in real time, Customers have grown accustomed to participating and interacting with one’s brand or business. Thus, learning the skills of contenting would be conducive for graduates. The top skills demanded under this would be-

    Top Skills

    • Strong speed and listening skills
    • Strong Interpersonal skills
    • Strong Analytical Skills
    • Creative writing skills

    #Skill Set 4

    Brand Teller

    Consumer is the king and will be. Consumerism prevails and consumers want to bond with businesses on a deeper, more personal intensity. Brands Tellers are like owners and need to make the consumer relationship with products or services at diverse touch points. The brand tellers need to build dynamic innovative brand messaging, positive brand perception and brand followers. The top skills demanded under this would be-

     Top Skills

    • Expert storyteller
    • Strategic and innovative creativity
    • Deep understanding of customer personas and their needs
    • Strong communication

    No product, service, project, proposal, candidate or other initiative can be viable unless it is bought, endorsed or supported by its target constituents or customers.

    Whatever be the changes and driving forces in 2020-2021. Marketing skills applied to traditional marketing functions like advertising, sales, promotion, public relations, marketing research and brand management are never going to fade away. Traditional, marketing skills are also extremely appreciated by employers in almost all sectors of the economy and job market. The cluster of skills mentioned are in huge demand and should be focused by B-schools while creating a marketing workforce.

    # Traditional Marketing Skill Set

    Top Hiring Skills for Marketing Specialization-

    • Negotiation
    • Public Speaking
    • Communication
    • Analytical Thinking
    • Technology Know-how
    • Creativity
    • Stress Management

    Now that a plethora of top marketing skills are listed down which will be hottest in the job market 2020-2021, students innate some of them and some to be acquired through professional experts. Indore Institute of Management understands the requirements of industry and is one among the most renowned MBA colleges in Madhya Pradesh where industry centric holistic student development approach is adopted. IIMR’s exclusively up-skilled undergraduate and postgraduate programs, engage strategic pedagogical methods through Special Interest Groups (SIG’s) to build Industry equipped students league. In pursuit of Excellence and to become best Marketers one should take admission in college which are focusing on above hiring trends. Students sharpen your weapons to stand-out in the battlefield and increase your chance of winning.

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