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  • Updated Teaching Methods Help in Enhancing Performance of Science and Technology Students

    • November 30, 2021
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    Visionaries and scholars all across the world unanimously vow that contemporary time represents an optimum phase of mankind’s evolution. And their revered wisdom identifies magnified scientific developments and heightened technological advancements as two prime causes behind this befitting reality. Never-thought-before science-based experimental works and out-of-the-box technological innovations constructed over that have made livelihood complacent, added perfection to work execution procedure, and have given an overall smartness and swiftness to every-day life. Such a circumstance undoubtedly amplifies the passion and enthusiasm within present-day students of science and technology to learn well, score more, and become the most worthwhile part of this ongoing growth in the science and technology domain.

    The news of exemplary scientific researches and standard-defining technical offerings for the society let the young learning minds fervently dream about getting wholesomely engaged in these endeavors and contribute prospectively into their realms. Nevertheless, for allowing such potential hopes see the light of the day, aspirants, in addition to dedicating the whole of self-strength, aptitude, and attention towards learning, necessitate an exclusive nurture. They need education through pedagogical approaches which are authentically modernized, ahead-of-time, and holistically enriched. Teachers in the formal scholastic organizations need to prepare students of science and technology in such an exquisite maneuver that the later ones accomplish not only awe-inspiring academic credentials but also obtain such sharp practical skills, which allow them to prove selves as true agents of progress at the in-discussion spectrums. And to ensure such quality of grooming, instructors, principally, require stimulating the students to adopt the zeal of questioning, investigating, and in effect learning, rather than monotonously memorizing theories and definitions from voluminous books. By presenting in front of them hypothetical situations, teachers can provide students with the opportunities to ask ‘‘Why Is That So?’’, venture out for ‘‘How can That Be Solved?’’ and as a result instead of getting spoon-fed, students gain an overall enlightenment over scientific know-how and technological expertise.

    It is also very much vital for educators to undertake the responsibility of infusing into fresh brains the habit of critical thinking and remaining self-motivated towards experimentation. These two practices spontaneously persuade learners to analyze each knowledgeable aspect of science and technology with own acumen, therein acquire the best possible insight into them and continually desire of evolving and innovating.  Only then can the present-day learners become real successors of research stalwarts and technical maestros of today.

    Some true-to-sense modern educating methods that can effectively assist learners in accomplishing this just-mentioned role are:

    • For acquiring excellence in any field, it is indispensable for students to know what in-relation is happening throughout the globe. As such, it becomes the prime responsibility of the faculty to establish relations with globally reputed institutes, maintain interactions with their research and innovation platforms, arrange for academic exchange programs with them, and endow learners with chances to participate at any promising project happening within those campuses. Instructors are also expected to regularly converse with global counterparts, know about their avant-garde techniques adopted at classrooms and labs, and in consequence, make own methods ‘over the edge’ and students factually experts.
    • To become wise in an all-inclusive maneuver, students, at the foremost, require reading quality works as much as possible and remain alert with latest publications. For guaranteeing that, it appears as a duty of the educational institutes to arrange for students subscription-based reach to reputed digital archives like Sage, JSTOR, etc., ensure access to quality literature, and enrich the institute’s library with newest editions of A-class scientific journals, technical magazines, corresponding periodicals and published papers of research individuals and teams.
    • Academic experts do claim that it becomes far more engaging for students to explore and know a science tenet or technical procedure when that is displayed in front of them, rather than by merely turning pages or interpreting diagrams for ‘digesting’ them. Here, educators can endeavor to build-up 3D models of theories and methods, take help of Virtual Reality tools to exhibit how techniques work, showcase interview feeds of celebrated personalities as example citation, and use significant ‘Sci’ and ‘Tech’ documentaries as references for pedagogy. These make studies not only interesting but help students to take the essence and remember in a far better manner.
    • In order to cherish best pragmatic advancement, students require having the best crux of ‘Hands-On’ experience. And to ensure that, it is crucial for educators to organize infrastructure of a ‘Virtual Lab’ and allow students reach the zenith of experimental evolution. This set-up enables students to work with immaculate digitalized tools, execute simulating researches and reach conclusions through the best possible iterative maneuver. It furthermore allows them to interact with fellow ones spread over the world and carry-on prospective assignments in collaboration with them.
    • Live streaming of classes is another contemporary technique that enables science and technology students to get to learn from the maestros of their branches.

    The Indore Institute of Science and Technology (IIST), which ranks among the top private engineering colleges in M.P., prevails as a distinctive educational establishment that very well recognizes the necessity of the aforementioned approaches. To benefit its students and let them leverage the advancements of the modern world, the institute has taken the initiatives to partner with IIT Bombay’s Virtual Lab, reap benefits from Indian HRD’s student development projects, and network with global academic and professional bodies. At par with its motto, IIST, which has attained a rank among the top 10 engineering colleges in Indore, has been consistently delivering global-standard education and aims at enabling the transformation of its students into well-read, accomplished, and highly efficient professionals.

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