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  • Wearable Technologies Transforming Field Service and Maintenance

    • November 16, 2018
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    Technology today defines the very basic nature of human beings, which is to innovate, improve, and create. The world around us has also grown at a rapid rate due to this, giving us little precious time to assimilate. The present century we live in has become an increasingly technological one that has made our lives much easier and smooth with the application of various kinds of digital products. With each passing day, new advances in technology are constantly taking place, changing the way we look at things. Therefore, we at the Indore Institute of Science and Technology, in this article, have attempted to explore the advantages of such devices for the mankind and how they are impacting our personal and professional lives, especially in the service and maintenance sector.

    In recent years, the developers of digital and Nano-technology have achieved a milestone in creating the most compact devices that can be worn like normal accessories and clothing. Such wearable units come with specific technological function embedded in them through programming and accompanying hardware. The inclusion of such a technology has enabled them to process physical data. It is also used to relay information in real-time which has been immensely beneficial in the service and maintenance sectors. A few such types of devices made for the defined purpose are described in brief below:

    • Head Mounted Displays: This new leap in technology in recent years has opened up multiple doors to the realm of virtual reality and augmented reality that once seemed like fiction to many. The applications of such a technology are boundless, and the same has been already widely adopted in various technological fields and corporate sectors. Possible applications are also being tested by military and domestic aviation in flight stimulators. Today the VR systems and HMDs employ a technology similar to a display screen but much more improved and immersive in nature. It is widely being used by engineers, designers, and animators in the professional field while service and maintenance sectors too use the HMDs to provide efficient and safe servicing.
    • Wrist-Worn Devices: With the growth of technology and its rapid advancement, all previously heavy and cumbersome equipment are now shrinking in size dramatically while increasing in functionality at the same time. This inversely proportional relation between size and functionality has caused an explosion of the Micro and Nano-technology. It thus came as a no surprise when the first wearable devices were released into the market and immediately caught on with the general populace. Such devices can be immensely beneficial for professionals working in the service and maintenance sector as they can keep themselves regularly updated with the changes required at any maintenance site, without the need to lug around a computer. Such technology can also be used by the organizations to monitor progress and ensure the safety of the employees working in the field in real-time. It can also be used for swiftly communicating with operators and superiors during a maintenance process for instructions.
    • Smart Clothing and Textiles: This is one of the very recent development, which uses Nano-technology embedded and woven into the fabric that can be programmed to perform specific functions. Though the uses are just limited to various types of observation and collection of vital data of the user, the implication of such a technology is far-reaching and can effectively change how we look at technology. It can be effectively used by companies to monitor the stress levels, heart rate, and other data related to the physical condition of the workers. This can ensure better safety and lesser health risks for workers who are exposed to the elements during field servicing and maintenance. Such clothing can also be used to regulate body temperatures for those working in extreme hot or cold environments.

    Wearable technology at present is being rapidly inducted in the professional and personal sphere. The main reason behind this being the direct benefits such a technology offers in terms of saving time lost in gathering feedback and reports and providing safety. The possibilities of such wearable devices are quite literally endless. This is evident by how within a span of a couple of years the technology we used advanced at a quadruple rate. This involves new innovations taking place every second which earlier used to take years and even decades. We, at the Indore Institute of Science and Technology, one among the top 5 engineering colleges in Indore, realize the importance of such devices and the revolutionary change they can bring in the world of science and engineering. We hence always attempt to familiarize our students with such rapidly evolving technology so that they stay prepared to embrace the new advancements as and when they arrive.

    Progress in science and technology is inevitable in today’s world as it is the fuel that pushes our society forward into a new dawn of realization. Such technology, if effectively understood and aptly used can help put your career on the right path and help you gain immense success in your future endeavors.

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