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  • What All You Can Do with a Management Degree in HR?

    A well-remunerated career that comes with a bundle of respect is a much sought after one. Of all the management streams, Human Resource management is surely the one that has every potential to pay the aspirant well and to render a white-collar job to him/her. Hence, if you are pursuing your career in HRM, success and a bright career await you in the future. Listed below in this article are some of the career opportunitiesthat you can grab upon successfully completing your degree in HRM. This will help you while deciding on your choice for management stream.

    HR Generalist

    The first step to acquire the chair of a human resource executive is gaining experience as an HR generalist. This could be referred to as the entry-level jobs available in the market for those who have successfully completed their studies in HRM. Being a generalist, an HR acquires industry knowledge which is of paramount importance for the coming years. Once you have gathered enough experience in this designation, you can move on to the next level easily.

    Staffing Director

    Once you have the industry experience of handling recruitments as an HR generalist, you can become a Staffing Director. If you have acquired your degree from an institute of repute, this could also turn out to be directly the entry level position for you. Recruitment is an integral part of Human Resource Management. Making effective recruitment that would be beneficial for the company is of immense importance.

    Specialized Technical Recruiters

    Completing your HRM degree successfully can also fetch you an opportunity to be a part of the highly efficient and specialized team of Technical Recruiters required primarily in the corporates. IT companies especially need recruiters who are capable of judging the technical efficiency of the candidates and select the right one who can be most productive for the enterprise. Your management degree in HR would be an opportunity for you to shine in the future as a technical recruiter with specialized expertise for which the market has a great demand.

    Compensation Manager

    HRManagers do not solely concentrate on recruitment parameters. They deal with the end to end human management process. The employees who serve a corporate also come within the territory of Human Resource management only. Aspecialization in compensation and payroll would be of great help in getting yourself placed as a Compensation Manager in a firm and taking over the responsibility of managing all the remuneration-related issues of the employees. Starting from the calculation of CTC to the meticulous calculation of PF contribution, Compensation Managers are responsible for the accounting of every penny spent on the employees.

    Employee Relations Manager

    A corporate house runs on thousands of employees and is responsible for their well being as well. Provision of a friendly environment at the workplace is the prime requisite for attaining high-end productivity. The inter employee relationship is thus essential and critical to a business house. With so many people working under the same roof, disagreements are normal. If there are any issues with the co-employee, HRM is the department that gets addressed. If you are good at dissolving problems without being biased, the role of an Employee Relation Manager will suit you well.

    Director of HR Training and Development

    As you gain more experience in the domain of HR, it is likely that you not only serve a company in direct productive terms but also will support the system under you with training and development sessions. With years of experience in HRM, the respected position of Director of HR Training and Development would eventually come your way. Apart from being a white collar job, this designation carries a lot when it comes to your career dimension. More than being engaged in the direct recruitment processes, you will have an exposure to assist others in attaining their recruitment targets as a superior manager.

    Organizational Development and Change Consultant

    Once you have gathered enough knowledge of the industry and its ways of working, you can start your own consultancy where you can apply your hard-earned expertiseas a consultant to help others with their HR related issues. You can extend your support to start-up as well as well-established enterprises and can also help individuals by showing them the right way in case of an industry switch.

    Human Resource is always a wise option to go for when management is on your mind. There are ample of career options available in the domain of HR, and all these job opportunities will be open for you once you complete your degree in HR management. It is hence important that you choose the best management institute for yourself so that you can gain a clear edge above the competition. Indore Institute of Management & Research is an institute of repute that assures a great career for its students with a highly industry-centric MBA program in HRManagement.We, at IIMR, ranked among the Top b schools in Madhya Pradesh, have consistently maintained a strong track record of successfully placing our alumni in leading business houses across the nation as well as abroad. With state-of-the-art facilities, practical-based training methods, and extensive industry exposure, the management students at IIMR are groomed in a way that success becomes inevitable for them.

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