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  • What Makes the Indore Institute of Pharmacy the Best Destination for Pharmacy Aspirants?

    • June 2, 2018
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    • Top PCI approved pharmacy colleges in not only Indore but the entire country

    Let us begin by answering a few questions first. Is the present pharmaceutical field developed enough to enact as an adept and whenever-required resource for doctors willing to exercise authentically evolved techniques of treatment? Do the prevailing pills and injections possess that immaculate value through which they can magnify the perfection criterion of modern clinical infrastructure? Has the medicine genre expanded enough to include and offer genuinely effective remedies for both the expected and unforeseen health issues faced by human society?

    Well, answer to all of these queries remains embedded in one single pursuit; and that is finding out how agile the present-age pharmacists are. These personals must retain the necessary quotient of wisdom, vision, and expertise for producing future-class tablets, ointments, vaccinations, and such other clinical kinds of stuff, and champion modern-day doctors’ endeavors of disease-freeing the world. Also required is their constant awareness about researches going on at the detection and cure development arenas and soulful engagement at a profound exploration of mortal physiology.

    Nevertheless, for emerging as such deft and productive pharmacists, these personas do necessitate an excellent standard of educational mentoring and spotless quality skill-based streamlining while enrolled as students of pharmacy. They want such a ‘schooling’ that makes them learned, laborious, ingeniously polished, and professionally serviceable as well.

    In India, the academic foundation of the Indore Institute of Pharmacy (IIP) is one such world-class institution, where students are endowed with wholesome education. The curriculum availed at IIP is a real exquisite one and this is what makes IIP stand as the best pharmacy college in Indore. The paradigm is strongly seeded to the fundamental knowledge roots and at the same time owns quite-enough elasticity to include at its framework the contemporary spectrums of learning from the pharmaceutical researches and study. As of present date, the course models of B.Pharm and D.Pharm programs offered at this institute are upheld as the matchless benchmarks in the world of pharmacy education. The under-mentioned points further illustrate the reasons behind this reputation of the institute:

    • The faculty at the Indore Institute of Pharmacy is comprised of true prophet-grade teachers, most of whom own a prestigious doctorate degree. These personalities devote totality of own potentiality to make students reach the subject’s maximum depth, nurture their critical analysis aptitude, and infuse within them the articulate tactics of facing and resolving problems.
    • Continual attention is paid to the fact that learners get fair-enough industry exposure, gain interactive confidence in public, become fluent in interpersonal communication, and cherish the virtues of healthy competition; and for ensuring that scheduled seminars and ‘Boost Talks’ with entrepreneurs, scholars and celebrated pharmacists are held and workshops endorsed by related Government bodies are also organized. To this end, the student-arranged classroom seminars also hold equal significance, which aptly help in harnessing the aptitudes of debating, thought-sharing, view establishing, and excelling one another. Routine student visits to industries and commercial labs are also actualized.
    • IIP maintains an authentic A-grade laboratory which offers the students the most exceptional scope for researching and honing individualistic creativity. The lab is furnished with most advanced of apparatuses that help make learning deep and thorough. In this regard, it must be mentioned that IIP is the foremost Indian academic foundation, which prides to own a Pharmaceutical Museum by ACG.
    • The library at IIP is furbished with a vast collection of books, global and domestic journals, and research papers and tabloids. It houses an ‘E-Library’ with full access to essential and exquisite publications and a Video Archive as well, which lets students explore significant speeches and scholastic lectures. For guaranteeing unhindered internet facility within its perimeters, the library avails high-quality DELNET and INDEST connections.
    • IIP’s Animal House maintains the necessary yardsticks of ethics and hygiene required to conduct animal experimentation and preserves a real diverse gathering of important and rare species. It is righteously CPCSEA approved.
    • There prevails a distinguished medicine pasture, in where over 100 types of trees and herbs are harvested, and quite a few relevant exotic floras are maintained too.
    • The infrastructure of Google Classroom is installed at each class ambiance and instructors do opt for equipment like LCD screens, AV presentations, and Simulation Models to make learning easy and enticing.
    • IIP keeps up a recognized record of student placement with befitting profiles for the deserving ones. Cipla, Lupin, and Ranbaxy are some of its regular recruiters.

    IIP earnestly desires that every aspiring pharmacist, who graduates from IIP, becomes not just a conventionally successful ‘medicine maker’ but also one fruitful visionary in the ongoing clinical ventures to make mankind strong, ever-energetic, and nimble. Each pass-out must possess the best quotient of cultivated wisdom and have the entrepreneurial motivation to rightfully strengthen the international pharmaceutical framework and ensure effective novel developments within it. To guarantee these, IIP is relentlessly committed to enhancing its course framework and consistently add more excellence to it. We are proud to state here that this very commitment of IIP towards its students has enabled it to rank among the top PCI approved pharmacy colleges in not only Indore but the entire country.

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