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  • Why is Technical Knowledge Taking Over as a Prerequisite for Management Aspirants?

    Management has always been and will always remain one of the most sought-after domains in terms of career options. However, as far as the skills and knowledge required to become a successful manager is concerned, the criteria of being technically equipped is overpowering the earlier parameters like a soft skill, communication, subject grip, and people management nowadays. Though each of these parameters still has their relevance in the field of management, the technical aspect is somehow snatching the spotlight and is emerging as a must-have skill in the management aspirants in the current times. Discussed below are some of the reasons that have driven the trend towards technical expertise:


    If a comparison is made between two management aspirants with similar potential with differences in technical skills only, the one with an advanced specialized skill set will be the preferred choice of any corporate house today. With the changing trends in the global market, almost every work has become dependent on technology, and as such, to become a manager with the ability to monitor and improvise all of these chores, one needs to master the technical domain first. Hence, the need of the hour is that the management aspirants try to attain a fair level of technical expertise to get him/her placed in a comfortable zone in terms of employability.

    Operational Benefits

    Most of the works that were earlier done with human efforts are now getting done with technical interventions. The managers in recent times imply more to managing the accuracy and timely deliveries of the works assigned by using and applying the available technical support systems intelligently. The extent of management skills are no longer restricted to managing people and have been extended to managing system operations as well. Technology, surely helps us do the works more efficiently and in a faster manner, and this is the reason why almost every corner of the day-to-day operations has undergone the control of technical titbits making the entire operations largely dependent on the advancing technologies.

    Time-Saving and Efficient

    It is an undeniable fact that the intervention of technology has helped reduce the human load, making the work more flawless and time-saving. The manual efforts have a limit, and manual errors are also quite natural. But with technology, most manual tasks are now getting productively replaced with programs and software leading to better results in a shorter time. Owing to this benefit of technology, there has been a significant shift in the hiring pattern of the big corporate houses. People with in-depth technological know-how along with a deep-seated understanding of the management strategies are now getting hired for the management roles. Hence, to ensure a secured place in the job market, it is a mandate today to bag requisite knowledge of technical aspects in addition to the functionalities of management.

    Technology-Driven Market

    The market at large has adapted to the means of technology for flawless works done within a shorter span of time. Hence, while judging a manager, technical skills are becoming a crucial element to ensure capable hands for the enterprises driven by technical applications. The entire market including all the domains has undergone a paradigm shift in terms of modes of working, and the latest patterns require a bunch of managers who can tactically utilize the technology to complement the manual efforts, and thereby boost the overall business productivity bringing in more profits for the organization.

    Data Interpretation and Business Intelligence

    Be it data analysis, data interpretation, or security management for data, managers are now required to know have an insight into it to ensure smooth and safe functioning of the operations. Every business process today deals in massive amounts of data which if aptly and strategically utilized by the managers, can lead the business to earn huge profits. It is because of this that the management students should have basic knowledge about trending technologies like data management and analysis so that they can easily create their place in the competitive corporate world.

    We, at the Indore Institute of Management & Research, ranked among the Best MBA Colleges in Madhya Pradesh, understand the importance of technical knowledge for the management aspirants. We have hence included a provision for our management students to choose from any of the certification courses from the areas of Data Science/Business analytics certified by SAS, Financial services certified by NSE, and Digital Marketing certification by MOOC to study along with their MBA program. We also provide them with detailed digital skills training to help them meet the industry needs. Our aim, at IIMR, is to develop software skills and requisite technical expertise in each management student to ensure a bright career and seamless selection process during the campus interviews.

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