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  • Industrial Visit to AVTEC Ltd.

    A group of students recently embarked on an enlightening journey to AVTEC Ltd., one of India’s premier manufacturers specializing in powertrain and precision-engineered products. The students delved into various aspects of the company, gaining insights into its products, HR policies, resource management techniques, time management strategies, motivational tools, and the company’s expectations from new joiners. Here is a detailed account of their observations:

    1. Product Portfolio: The students were introduced to AVTEC’s diverse product portfolio, encompassing engines, transmissions, and high precision components for sectors such as Automotive, Off-Highway, Defence, Agriculture, and Railway. The comprehensive understanding of the manufacturing process left the students fascinated.
    2. HR Policies: AVTEC’s Human Resource policies were a focal point of the students’ inquiry. While specific details were not disclosed, it was evident that AVTEC places emphasis on skilled personnel, as evidenced by their commitment to international quality standards (IATF 16949) and environmental management (ISO 14001).
    3. Resource Management Techniques: The students had the opportunity to witness firsthand AVTEC’s resource management techniques, witnessing how the company optimizes its in-house tech center, R&D facilities, and state-of-the-art manufacturing units in Hosur, Chennai, and Pithampur. The facilities, equipped with cutting-edge machinery, showcased efficiency in resource allocation.
    4. Time Management Strategies: AVTEC’s commitment to precision engineering was mirrored in its time management strategies. The students learned how the company efficiently manages timelines in the design and manufacture of engines and transmissions. The adherence to IATF 16949 certification underscored AVTEC’s dedication to delivering products within specified timeframes.
    5. Motivational Tools: The students were intrigued by AVTEC’s approach to motivation within the workforce. While specific tools were not disclosed, the company’s global R&D footprint, including subsidiaries like ASSAG in Switzerland, highlighted a commitment to innovation and continuous improvement, which can be considered motivational in a dynamic industry.
    6. Expectations from New Joiners: During the interactive session, the students inquired about AVTEC’s expectations from new joiners. While detailed information was not provided, it was inferred that the company values skilled and experienced individuals, possibly with a focus on contributing to the innovative and competitive landscape of the automotive industry.

    The students left AVTEC Ltd. with a rich understanding of the company’s operations, products, and management strategies. The visit provided valuable insights into the corporate culture, leaving the students inspired and eager to apply their newfound knowledge in their future endeavours.

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