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  • National Mountain Day Trekking Event at IIMR

    On National Mountain Day, Indore Institute of Management and Research (IIMR) organized a trekking event to Ralamandal on Dec 11, 2023. This event aimed to celebrate the spirit of adventure, promote physical fitness, and foster a connection with nature among the students and faculty of IIMR.

    The trekking event commenced early in the morning, with participants gathering at the institute’s campus. A diverse group of 144 students, faculty, and staff members eagerly set out for the picturesque Ralamandal, a prominent hill range located near Indore.

    The journey to Ralamandal was marked by enthusiasm and a sense of camaraderie. Participants were provided with information about the historical and ecological significance of Ralamandal, creating an educational element to the adventure. The trek leaders ensured that safety protocols were followed, and the group maintained a steady pace throughout the journey.

    Ralamandal, with its lush greenery and panoramic views, provided a breathtaking backdrop for the trek. The participants traversed through diverse terrain, including wooded areas and open fields, offering a varied and engaging trekking experience. The trek leaders shared insights about the local flora and fauna, enhancing the participants’ appreciation for the natural beauty surrounding them.

    To make the trek more enriching, interactive sessions were conducted during breaks. Participants engaged in discussions about sustainable trekking practices, the importance of preserving mountain ecosystems, and the role of adventure activities in promoting a healthy lifestyle. Reaching the summit of Ralamandal was a moment of triumph for the participants. The panoramic view from the top served as a reward for their efforts and provided an opportunity for reflection. A small singing round was organized, featuring group photos, and a brief session on the significance of National Mountain Day.

    In addition to the physical adventure, the trek included an educational component. Information about responsible trekking, the importance of mountain ecosystems, and the role of mountains in global biodiversity was shared with the participants.

    The National Mountain Day trekking event at IIMR was a resounding success, bringing together the institute’s community to celebrate nature, adventure, and the significance of mountains. The event not only promoted physical well-being but also instilled a sense of environmental consciousness among the participants.

    The success of the event is attributed to the collaborative efforts of the organizing committee, trek leaders, and the enthusiastic participation of students, faculty, and staff. Special thanks to all those who contributed to making this trek a memorable and enjoyable experience.

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