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  • National Organ Donation Day

    The organ donation is to motivate normal human beings to pledge to donate organ after death. And help people realize that volunteering to donate their organs after death can be life changing for many. It also aims at informing, educating, and encouraging people to participate in the noble cause of organ donation. Organ donation is donating a donor’s organs like heart, liver. Kidneys, intestines, lungs, and pancreas, after the donor dies, for the purpose of transplanting them to another person who needs organ.

    The primary objective is to promote awareness of life-saving solid organ transplants.

    The secondary objective is:

    • to strive to encourage people to donate their healthy organs after death to save more lives.
    • to promote awareness of tissue and life-enhancing transplants.
    • to educate the public about organ and tissue donation.
    • to engender a greater willingness amongst members of the public to donate their organs and tissue, pancreas, after the donor dies, for the purpose of transplanting them to another person who needs organ.

    Under the NSS activity “Ajadi ka Amrit” National organ donation day organised by Indore Institute of Management & Research.  The program started at 10.30 A.M. with felicitation of our speaker Honourable Group Advisor Sir as well as dignitaries. Thereafter, the participants were espoused by Shri Arun S. Bhatnagar. He acquainted them with the objective and goal of the programme.

    The principal Dr. Rishi Dubey profound knowledge on the importance of organ donation. NSS Program Officer Dr. Vaibhav Modak exalting power point presentation on organ donation awareness. In which various queries and questions resolved like How a person can donate organ? What organs can be donated? the whole procedure is explained. The participant group have committed themselves that they will bring a chance of organ donation in the emergency. The Organ donation programme was successfully completed. In the guidance of Shri Arun S. Bhatnagar Sir all the students & faculty members taken pledge for organ donation.

    The overall 85 students participated in the activity and benefited.

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