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  • Session on Human Rights

    On Dec 08, 2022, a session was conducted on “Human Rights” to sensitize students. On this occasion Mr. Arun S. Bhatnagar sir shared their views about human rights. He said that human rights are the most basic rights which are bestowed on each and every individual. These human rights take up their action rights from the birth of these individuals till their death do them apart with their own rights. Every other human on this planet, irrespective of their caste, religion, creed, gender, nationality, social status or color are entitled to these rights. While their rights are being protected by respective country laws. The reason why these rights are formed is to protect anyone who wants to harm or to violate someone. These human rights give people the freedom to live and to express themselves as to how they want to. Everyone deserves to be themselves and this is supported by human rights. 

    He included following Human Rights:

    • Right to life and liberty
    • Protection from torture
    • Fair trials 
    • Freedom of expression, religion, peaceful assembly

    This is the duty of the government to protect and promote human rights by barring these violations by the officials or stand, also punishing offenders. Also, while creating ways for the citizen to seek help to breach their rights. This is itself a human right violation if a country fails to initiate any step against the private individuals who abuse domestic violence.  At this occasion Principal of IIMR, Dean, Faculty members, staff and students were present

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